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46th DPS Meeting Dependent Care
Last updated: Monday

Dependent Care Grants | Child Care Services | Mother's Room

Susan Niebur Professional Development Fund


In 2013, the AAS’s Division for Planetary Sciences approved the creation of the Susan Niebur Professional Development Fund. This fund is programmatically administered by and supports larger initiatives of the DPS Professional Development subcommittee.

Dr. Susan (Mahan) Niebur (1973-2012) was a principal investigator, manager, and former Discovery Program Scientist at NASA Headquarters and the CEO of her own consulting firm specializing in space science policy, the history and development of missions, and the success of women in planetary science. More importantly, Susan was a tireless supporter and strong advocate for creating professional development programming for early career planetary scientists. It is the Division for Planetary Sciences’ hope that this fund will provide an additional legacy for Susan's contributions to the planetary science community.

We thank Curt Niebur for granting permission to name this fund in honor of Susan and the generous support of the DPS Committee and donors to the program.

DPS Dependent Care Grants

The DPS's Susan Niebur Professional Development Fund provides financial assistance to qualifying members in order to facilitate their meeting attendance by offsetting dependent care costs at the meeting location or at home during the DPS conference week. Online applications are solicited no later than 1 month prior to the DPS meeting:

DPS Dependent Care Grant Application

For questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions for the Dependent Care Grant, please contact Majd Matta at, or the DPS Professional Development subcommittee.


Outside donations to the Susan Niebur Professional Development Fund are welcome and appreciated. AAS members can contribute directly via the AAS donation Web pages:

Follow this link and log into your AAS account
Once logged in follow the Donate Now! link on the left-hand side of your screen
Scroll down to the 'Division for Planetary Sciences' section of the page, select the 'DPS Susan Niebur Professional Development Fund' and enter the amount.

Complete the form, and follow the instructions. The AAS will handle the details including acknowledging your contribution for tax purposes. All donations are tax deductible.

Nonmembers can also contribute to the Susan Niebur Professional Development Fund by sending a check made out to the American Astronomical Society to:

American Astronomical Society
PO Box 79305
Baltimore, MD 21279-0305

Please note in the memo line of your check that your contribution is to go to the DPS Susan Niebur Professional Development Fund so that it is credited to the correct account.

About Susan

More information about Dr. Susan Niebur and the programs that she founded is available at the following websites:

NASA Solar System Exploration Profile
DPS Tribute to Susan Niebur
Women in Planetary Science
Mothers With Cancer

Child Care Services

The meeting venue offers a service called 'Kids Club', it's a local day care service for children ages 4-12 yrs. $45 for half a day/child, $75 for the full day/child and $75 from 3pm-10pm. They have no minimum-number-of-children requirements, but DO require that:

  1.  the child be potty trained, and 
  2. the time be reserved 24 hours in advance. This can be done by calling Johanna Naumu at 520-792-3500 X 6065.

Families with children 3 years and under are welcome to contact these trusted partners.

Choice Options 520-638-6538

Trusting Connections 520-544-6611

Mother's Room

A room for nursing mothers is reserved at each meeting. Its location is not publicized to allow for privacy, but come to registration desk, and you will be directed from there.