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Monterey (California) is a beautiful town on the southern end of Monterey Bay (Santa Cruz is on the north end of the bay). In addition to a variety of things to see and do in Monterey, it is only a few miles north of Carmel, a very lovely upscale town filled with art galleries, interesting stores, cafes, and restaurants.

Point Lobos
Just south of Carmel is Point Lobos, a state park of remarkable coastal scenery along with a rich and diverse plant and animal life.

Big Sur
Beyond Point Lobos lies Big Sur, with perhaps the most breathtaking coastal highway in California.

There are a number in the vicinity, with a few having tasting rooms about a mile away at the Cannery Row area and others a short drive. 

Getting to Monterey: Please Read This!
Monterey is not a big town (population 28,000) but there is a small airport nearby (4 miles away), the Monterey Peninsula Airport (code MRY), which has connections to several cities. As there are not many flights per day, don’t wait until the last minute to book if you use this option.

The two large nearest airports are San Francisco International (SFO), 100 miles from Monterey, or San Jose Airport (SJC), 75 miles from Monterey. You can either rent a car (the drive down the coast is especially lovely) or take a van service, the Monterey Airbus.

Map of Monterey

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Monterey Weather
It is generally going to be overcast and cool during your stay in Monterey in July/August, with highs in the lower to mid 60's (Farenheit) which will make for great weather for exploring the city after sessions. The low temperatures will be in the 50's (Farenheit), so do plan on bringing a jacket. As always, we suggest wearing layers during the meeting so that you can maintain a comfortable personal body temperature in the Hyatt Monterey.