242nd meeting

Abstracts & Proposals

Albuquerque, New Mexico
242nd meeting of the American Astronomical Society
Albuquerque, New Mexico
4 – 8 June 2023

Consider Volunteering as a Session Chair

Our meetings are composed of sessions in which colleagues present their latest research results. Each session has a volunteer Session Chair who helps facilitate and moderate the session. Session Chairs are very important and help improve the scientific value of our conferences for everyone.

What are a Session Chair’s responsibilities?

  • Introduce the session’s speakers
  • Keep time
  • Moderate questions
  • Operate the podium laptop system and the A/V equipment as needed
  • Monitor the session Slack channel
  • Keep an eye on virtual participants to be sure they can see, hear, and be seen and heard
  • Ensure all participants feel comfortable and free of harassment and bullying
  • Step in when inappropriate or aggressive questioning takes place

What training is available to Session Chairs?

The Society provides detailed training and resources for Session Chairs so they can be confident in their role and handle any eventuality that pops up. Available training includes:

  • Training webinar
    • This comprehensive training session will take place online in advance of the meeting
    • Webinars will also be recorded for later viewing
  • Daily refresher sessions
    • These short, non-mandatory sessions provide last-minute clarification of details
    • Refreshers will be held on-site each morning of the meeting
  • Additional resources
    • A summary sheet of Session Chair responsibilities and information will be provided to each Session Chair in advance of the meeting
    • Guidance for handling podium computers will be posted on the podiums for easy reference