242nd meeting

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Albuquerque, New Mexico
242nd meeting of the American Astronomical Society
Albuquerque, New Mexico
4 – 8 June 2023

AAS Hack Together

Hack is back! Join your colleagues for a half-day hack together session on Thursday at the end of the AAS meeting to work on collaborative project, learn a new skill, and build community. What is a Hack Day? We are going to get together to write code or work on a project, fast. The idea is to design a do-able project and fully execute it in half of a day. Or at least go down trying! Come with a project, or come with deployable skills, ready to deploy. Hack Together is an opportunity to work intensively on collaborative projects of interest to the Astronomical community. A wide variety of projects can be undertaken, spanning everything from software development to creative outreach projects. Projects that take advantage of the unique gathering of enthusiasm and expertise at the AAS Meeting are particularly encouraged. Hack day or programming experience is not required; newcomers are very welcome! Participants can lead or join a project. Project ideas and participants will be solicited before and during the meeting. Some of the useful projects that have arisen from past hack sessions include astroquery, orbitize!, meeting Q&A gender demographics, fashion from recycled posters, and many others.