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Press Registrants, 233rd AAS Meeting, 6-10 January 2019, Seattle, WA

AAS 233

The AAS offers complimentary meeting registration to bona fide working journalists and public-information officers (PIOs), as described on our press-credentials page.

As of 21 December 2018, advance press registration is closed. Reporters and PIOs who need to register on-site at the Washington State Convention Center should go straight to the AAS registration desk in the Atrium Lobby on Level 4 and ask for an on-site press-registration form. You'll be asked to take it to the AAS press office (Room 309) to have the form authorized by the AAS Press Officer, after which you may return to the registration desk to print your badge.

The following list includes approved press registrants as of 9 January 2019:

  1. Marieke Baan (Netherlands Research School for Astronomy)
  2. Molly Baker (Lowell Observatory)
  3. Jason Socrates Bardi (Inside Science)
  4. David Baron (Freelance)
  5. Damond Benningfield (StarDate / Freelance)
  6. Dana Berry (SkyWorks)
  7. Charles Blue (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
  8. Alan Boyle (GeekWire)
  9. Joseph Cariz (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
  10. Camille Carlisle (Sky & Telescope)
  11. Yvette N. Cendes (Freelance)
  12. Wyatt Channell (Discovery Communications)
  13. Mari-Ela Chock (Keck Observatory)
  14. Whitney Clavin (Caltech)
  15. Daniel Clery (Science Magazine)
  16. Calla Cofield (Jet Propulsion Lab)
  17. Paul Deans (Freelance)
  18. Mia de los Reyes (Caltech / Astrobites)
  19. Bruce Dorminey (
  20. Caitlin Doughty (New Mexico State University / Astrobites)
  21. Nadia Drake (Freelance)
  22. Peter Edmonds (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
  23. Suraiya Farukhi (Universities Space Research Association)
  24. Rick Fienberg (AAS Press Officer)
  25. Dave Finley (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
  26. Andrew Fraknoi (Freelance, Textbook Author)
  27. Jeff Foust (SpaceNews)
  28. W. Wayt Gibbs (Scientific American)
  29. Ranpal Gill (AURA / Large Synoptic Survey Telescope)
  30. Donald Goldsmith (Interstellar Media)
  31. Lisa Grossman (Science News)
  32. Stephanie Hamilton (University of Michigan / Astrobites)
  33. Alison Hawkes (NASA Ames Research Center)
  34. Kerry Hensley (AAS Media Fellow)
  35. Katie Hiler (Science Friday)
  36. Scott Ishikawa (Becker Communications / Thirty Meter Telescope)
  37. Michele Johnson (NASA Ames Research Center)
  38. Jeanette Kazmierczak (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
  39. Peter Kelley (University of Washington)
  40. Alison J. Klesman (Astronomy Magazine)
  41. Amanda Kocz (Giant Magellan Telescope / GMTO Corp.)
  42. Susanna Kohler (AAS Nova / Astrobites)
  43. Katherine Kornei (Freelance)
  44. Elizabeth R. Landau (NASA)
  45. Alaina G. Levine (Quantum Success Solutions / Networking for Nerds)
  46. Shari Lifson (Associated Universities for Research in Astronomy)
  47. Dirk H. Lorenzen (German Public Radio)
  48. Abigail Malate (Inside Science)
  49. Kelly Maloney (LIFT Magazine)
  50. Adam Mann (Freelance)
  51. Sally Maran (Freelance)
  52. Stephen P. Maran (Freelance)
  53. Kristen Metzger (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope)
  54. Robert Nemiroff (Astronomy Picture of the Day)
  55. Marissa Nielsen (American Institute of Physics)
  56. Iris Nijman (Freelance)
  57. Vatsal Panwar (University of Amsterdam / Astrobites)
  58. Deborah Kala Perkins (InfinitiEd)
  59. Carolyn Collins Petersen (Loch Ness Productions / ThoughtCo)
  60. Natasha Pinol (NASA Headquarters)
  61. Christine Pulliam (Space Telescope Science Institute)
  62. Jordan Raddick (Sloan Digital Sky Survey)
  63. Martin Ratcliffe (Freelance / Sky-Skan)
  64. Dawn Redd (Freelance)
  65. Nola Taylor Redd (Freelance)
  66. Francis Reddy (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
  67. Matteo P. Rini (American Physical Society)
  68. Alison Rose (Inigo Films)
  69. Leslie Sage (Nature)
  70. Andre Salles (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
  71. Claire Saravia (NASA)
  72. Greg Scheiderer (Seattle Astronomy)
  73. Kevin S. Schindler (Lowell Observatory)
  74. Nora Shipp (Astrobites / University of Chicago)
  75. Glenn Showalter (The Reflector)
  76. Ethan Siegel (Starts With a Bang / Forbes)
  77. Sam Smartt (Calvin College)
  78. Alice Spruit (ASTRON Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy)
  79. Gordon K. Squires (Caltech/IPAC & Thirty Meter Telescope)
  80. Amy Thompson (Freelance)
  81. Benny Tsang (Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics / Astrobites)
  82. Wallace H. Tucker (SAO / Chandra X-ray Center)
  83. James Urton (University of Washington)
  84. Ray Villard (Space Telescope Science Institute)
  85. Nilda Oklay Vincent (Nature Communications)
  86. Megan Watzke (Chandra X-ray Center)
  87. Hanneke Weitering (
  88. Caroline Witherspoon (Becker Communications / Thirty Meter Telescope)
  89. Alexandra Witze (Nature / Freelance)
  90. Paul Woods (Nature Astronomy)
  91. Ryan Wyatt (California Academy of Sciences)
  92. Michael Zevin (Northwestern / CIERA / Astrobites)

In addition, the following science writers will participate in briefings remotely via webcast:

  1. Joel Achenbach (Washington Post)
  2. Meghan Bartels (
  3. Kate Becker (Freelance)
  4. Daniel Fischer (Adventure Astronomy)
  5. Pamela Gay (Astronomy Cast)
  6. Shannon Hall (Freelance / Sky & Telescope)
  7. Bill Harwood (CBS News)
  8. Sarah Lewin (
  9. Tariq Malik (
  10. Larry Marschall (Freelance)
  11. Dennis Overbye (New York Times)
  12. Joe Palca (National Public Radio)
  13. Doyle Rice (USA Today)
  14. Takashi Sugimoto (Asahi Shimbun)
  15. Shannon Stirone (National Geographic)
  16. Christie Taylor (Science Friday)
  17. Monica Young (Sky & Telescope)
  18. Chelsea Whyte (New Scientist)