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Student Reception: Orientation & Grad School Fair and Student Pavilion Sponsors

The Student Reception: Orientation & Grad School Fair will be held on Sunday, 6 January 2019 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. As a sponsor, you have the unique opportunity to highlight your REU program, graduate school program, and recruit new students.

Participating in the Student Reception and Student Pavilion is a great way to increase your exposure at the AAS meeting. The cost for sponsorship is $500.

We will provide a table and poster board to display your materials. Your organization will be acknowledged at the event, on the meeting website, and in the meeting program.

The Student Pavilion will allow you to continue to meet with students throughout the week. You can provide handouts to be displayed in literature racks. The pavilion, located in the exhibit hall, is a casual location where students, both undergraduate and graduate, can network with their peers and meet with mentors. Specific meet and greet sessions about your institution can be scheduled throughout the meeting.

There will be casual seating, charging stations, and internet connectivity available to the students.

Featured Institutions: Astrobites; Caltech, Princeton Univ.; SGMA - AAS Committee for Sexual-orientation and Gender Minorities in Astronomy; Georgia State Univ.; Texas A&M Univ.; Univ. of Arizona, Steward Obs.; Univ. of California, Berkeley; Univ. of Massachusetts; Univ. of Michigan; Univ. of Texas at Austin 

Deadline: 30 November 2018

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This information is only used to reserve your table at the Student Orientation and co-sponsor the Student Pavilion. Be sure to double check your credit card number and expiration date.

Student Pavilion
The AAS wants to provide you with additional time to meet and greet students. Please let us know if you are interested in scheduling time to meet face-to-face with students to answer questions about your institution.
I am interested in scheduling a face-to-face group discussion in the Student Pavilion to talk about the opportunities at our institution. These discussions will be setup once during the meeting and last 15-30 minutes. The program is responsible for promoting their date and time slot and inviting students to attend.