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Press Registrants, 232nd AAS Meeting, Denver, CO, 3-7 June 2018

AAS 232 LogoThe AAS offers complimentary press registration to bona fide working journalists and PIOs, as described on our press-credentials page.

As of 30 April 2018, advance press registration is closed. Reporters and PIOs who need to register on-site at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel should go straight to the AAS registration desk and ask for a press-registration form. You'll be asked to take it to the AAS press office to have the form authorized by the AAS Press Officer, after which you may return to the registration desk to print your badge.

The following list includes approved AAS 232 press registrants as of 4 June 2018:

  1. Dela Ahiawor (DEL Report, Ghana)
  2. David Baron (Freelance)
  3. Felicia Chou (NASA Headquarters)
  4. Leonard David (National Geographic)
  5. Barbara David (Scientific American)
  6. Mia de los Reyes (Caltech / Astrobites)
  7. Rick Fienberg (AAS Press Officer)
  8. Shannon Hall (Freelance)
  9. Kerrin Hensley (AAS Media Fellow)
  10. Jeff Kanipe (Freelance)
  11. Gourav Khullar (Univ. of Chicago / Astrobites)
  12. Trent Knoss (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder)
  13. Susanna Kohler (AAS Nova / Astrobites)
  14. Alaina Levine (Quantum Success Solutions)
  15. Mike Lucibella (Antarctic Sun)
  16. Eric C. Mack (Freelance / CNET)
  17. Steve Maran (Freelance)
  18. Sally Maran (Freelance)
  19. Amanda Miller (Aerospace America)
  20. Dennis Overbye (New York Times)
  21. Jacob C. Parks (Astronomy Magazine)
  22. Kala Perkins (Freelance)
  23. Carolyn Collins Petersen (Loch Ness Productions)
  24. Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy Blog /
  25. Christine Pulliam (Space Telescope Science Institute)
  26. Nola Taylor Redd (Freelance)
  27. David Reitzel (Griffith Observer)
  28. Sarah Scoles (Freelance)
  29. Daniel W. Strain (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder)
  30. Megan Watzke (Chandra X-ray Center)
  31. John Wenz (Freelance)
  32. Alexandra Witze (Nature)
  33. Mara K. Zimmerman (Univ. of Wyoming / Astrobites)