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Press Releases

Astronomers Make a Case for Science on Capitol Hill

Fifteen astronomers and planetary scientists from the American Astronomical Society visited Capitol Hill on Wednesday, 13 March 2019, to advocate for strong, sustained federal support of astronomy, planetary science, and heliophysics and of programs that the scientific community itself has prioritized by consensus.

AAS Aims to Improve Diversity, Inclusion in Graduate Education

After a two-year study, the American Astronomical Society has recommended more than a dozen steps that colleges and universities can take to increase the number of students from underrepresented groups who earn graduate degrees in the astronomical sciences.

AAS Names Alice Shapley as Kavli Foundation Plenary Lecturer

At the 234th AAS meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, on 10 June 2019, the Kavli Foundation Plenary Lecture will be given by Alice Shapley (University of California, Los Angeles), who will explore one of the great challenges of modern cosmology: the formation and evolution of galaxies.

AAS Names Recipients of 2019 Awards & Honors

At its 233rd semiannual meeting in Seattle, Washington, AAS President Megan Donahue announced the recipients of the Society's 2019 prizes for outstanding achievements in scientific research, instrument development, and scholarly writing.

WorldWide Telescope Visualization Tracks New Horizons

The AAS has created a visualization of the voyage of NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto and beyond using the WorldWide Telescope “Universe Information System." It looks ahead to the New Year’s Eve/Day 2019 flyby of Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69, nicknamed Ultima Thule.