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We are inviting applications for 4-year PhD position in Prague, Czech Republic, in the field of star clusters. The PhD project is focused primarily on the evolution of star clusters which is to be studied mostly numerically, using direct N-body modelling, but also by means of simple analytical models where applicable. Confrontation of the obtained results with the most up-to-date observational data provided by the Gaia satellite will be an essential part of the work. Specific topics to be addressed include star cluster collisions and rotation, properties of the star cluster population in our Galaxy, and internal dynamics of nuclear star clusters hosting a supermassive black hole at their centres with a particular focus on the centre of our Galaxy.

The position is fully funded and it is open to candidates of any nationality. Our PhD program is international with majority of students coming from abroad. All PhD students receive subsidized meals, possibility of staying in student dormitories, and free "Czech as foreign language" classes. Prague remains cheaper than other comparable European cities while offering similar level of comforts and entertainments.

To apply, please send your CV, research statement, and transcripts of grades to [email protected] before February 29. Please also arrange that two recommendation letters are received at the same address before the deadline.

Please see for more details about our PhD program, however, this is a late project with a separate application.

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Publication Start Date
2024 Jan 31
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2024 Feb 29


Dr. Jaroslav Haas