Postdoctoral Research Scholar in Time-Domain Astrophysics

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University of Utah
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The Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Utah invites applications for a postdoctoral research position to collaborate with Dr Tanmoy Laskar in the field of time-domain astrophysics.

We are looking for candidates who will participate and take leadership roles in a broad and dynamic research program, focused on observations, modeling, and theoretical explorations of astrophysical transients. The program has a strong emphasis on radio follow-up of relativistic transients (gamma-ray bursts, tidal disruption events, gravitational wave counterparts). You will have access to a broad suite of multi-wavelength observational facilities for this science as well as significant opportunity for independent, related research. Funds are also available for travel and participation at national and international conferences. The PI values responsive and responsible mentoring and strives to a diverse team and a welcoming work environment. 

Letters of recommendation are not required at this stage, and may only be requested for short-listed candidates. For any inquiries about this position, please contact Dr. Tanmoy Laskar ([email protected]).

The University of Utah is an R1 research university that hosts a vibrant astronomy group with over 17 graduate students, 6 postdocs, and 10 faculty members with diverse research interests ( Local resources include an excellent High Performance Computing center ( and SCI, an interdisciplinary research institute focusing on data analysis and visualization ( Salt Lake City is a bustling urban metropolis, nestled in an area renowned for its natural beauty and offering proximity to numerous state and national parks along with a diversity of local recreational and cultural opportunities.

To apply, please see the Position Description and Applicant Information for further details, required application materials, and submission instructions.

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2023 Dec 20
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2024 Jan 21


Tanmoy Laskar