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Lowell Observatory’s Executive Director is the senior most individual responsible for all aspects of the Observatory’s success. As the leader of a dynamic team of individuals, the Executive Director will articulate the unique vision of the institution both within the Lowell Observatory community and with constituencies throughout the scientific, educational and governmental communities as well as the general public. The expectation is that this individual will help shape the strategic vision of the institution setting aspirational goals for all aspects of the organization. The Executive Director will align Lowell’s mission and the business model, ensuring the latter supports the former.

The Executive Director will be responsible for leading the team on the mission of advancing the Observatory’s accomplishments and impact in research and education. Perhaps the first opportunity for the new leader to raise the profile will be preparing and leading the Observatory staff through the initial phase of operations of the Marley Foundation Astronomy Discovery Center (“ADC”) in late 2024. The opening of the ADC represents an inflection point of growth for the Observatory’s business operations, public education programs, scientific research capabilities and, ultimately, revenue generation to fund future projects. The expansion potential for Lowell is exciting as the ADC provides the financial means to increase visitors, membership, partnerships, educational programs, and science and technology programs. The other major critical opportunity for the new leader will be the development and implementation of the Observatory’s new scientific and technical vision for the next 10-20 years.

Preferred start date is November 2024. 

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Publication Start Date
2024 Jan 03
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2024 Mar 01


Heidi Holzhauer