Theory and observational postdoc researchers on super-massive black hole astrophysics

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The TITANs Millennium Nucleus ( seeks to hire two postdoctoral researchers for a period of two years, with the possibility of extension and/or other longer term fellowships. TITANs research focuses on black hole growth and the innermost structures of single and binary supermassive black holes, via variability (ZTF, 4MOST, Vera Rubin) and imaging (the Event Horizon Telescope; EHT). TITANs researchers lead demographic studies on the structures and physics close to the event horizon with the EHT, leveraging the transformational science of M87 and SgrA* to dozens of nearby AGNs which can be imaged at better than 100 gravitational radii, and also projects towards EHT imaging and monitoring of binary SMBH during their gravitational wave emitting phase.  

The main focus of both positions will be:

a) Theoretical approaches geared toward understanding the link between single and binary SMBHs and their immediate environments.  Successful proposals are expected to incorporate (GR/radiation/magneto) hydrodynamical simulations of accretion flows around single and binary SMBHs and/or N-body simulations of galactic nuclei.  Applicants are encouraged to contact J. Cuadra, N. Leigh, and N. Nagar ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected]) ahead of submission. 

b) AGN variability studies exploiting photometric and spectroscopic data from different observational facilities (ZTF, LSST, SDSS-V, and 4-MOST). We are interested in analyzing large data sets to detect Extreme Variability AGN, New Born AGN, Tidal Disruption Events, and binary SMBH. Applicants are expected to have previous expertise in AGN variability and managing large datasets. Experience with relevant scripting for data management and machine learning algorithms for automated classification are desirable.  Applicants are encouraged to contact P. Arévalo, P. Lira, and M.L. Martínez ([email protected],[email protected],[email protected]) ahead of submission.

The postdocs will be encourged to join the EHT Collaboration, in anticipation of EHT data releases of TITANs-led, and other EHT Collaboration projects. The postdocs will have access to the 10% Chilean observing time on telescopes including ALMA, APEX, Gemini-South, Magellan, and VLT.

The TITANs team encompasses seven professors, 6 postdocs, and 30 Ph.D. and Masters students across four universities in Chile.  The position provides a competitive salary, travel support, and a stimulating research environment.  The positions can be hosted at any of the TITANs member universities (located in Concepción, Santiago, Valparaíso, and Viña del Mar)  depending on the applicant’s focus. 

TITANs actively seeks to balance gender and minority presence. Applicants requiring part time employment to share time with caring responsibilities are encouraged. Flexible working hours, and partial work-at-home or tele-commuting are also open to discussion. Contact Patricia Arevalo and Mary Loli Martinez ([email protected], [email protected]) for details.

Interested applicants should send a CV with publication list, statements of previous and proposed research (2 to 4 pages), as well as contact information for three references, to [email protected]. Applications will be reviewed starting Jan 15, 2024, and continue until the positions are filled.  Both positions are available immediately and the starting date is flexible.

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Amount above is after taxes, and is effectively a high salary in Chile (with respect to living costs).

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2023 Dec 16
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2024 Jan 15


Patricia Arevalo