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The astrophysics research center of the Open University (ARCO) invites highly qualified candidates to apply for a  2+1 years ARCO Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship (extension to the third year is contingent on performance and funding).

ARCO Fellows conduct independent research as part of the Astrophysics group within the Open University of Israel. Fellows can pursue research in theoretical, numerical or observational astrophysics, and have full access to all the resources available at the center.

Preference will be given to applications within areas of research overlapping with those of one or more of the ARCO faculty members:

Exoplanets: interior structure, thermal evolution, planet formation, exoplanet characterisation (A. Vazan, H. B. Perets)

High energy astrophysics: Gamma Ray Bursts, gravitational waves, compact object mergers, magnetars, fast radio bursts, r-process nucleosynthesis, tidal disruption events, supernovae (J. Granot, P. Beniamini, H. B. Perets)

Cosmology: Large Scale Structure formation and evolution, The Epoch of Reionization, Cosmic Dawn, the Dark Ages, redshifted 21 cm observations, intensity mapping  (S. Zaroubi)

General Relativity and its extensions: scalar-tensor and f(R) theories, Horndeski vector-tensor theories, Einstein-Proca theories. Second vs first-order formalism. Implications in cosmological and small scales: Inflationary models, Dark Energy; black holes, boson stars etc. (Y. Verbin)

Dynamics: Stellar and planetary dynamics, dynamics near massive black holes. (H. B. Perets)

Starting dates are expected up to the Fall of 2023. 

Applicants should submit a single PDF containing a cover letter, curriculum vitae, list of publications, brief (up to ~3 pages) statement of research interests and experience, and arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent to Ms Iris Natan.

Application Details

Publication Start Date
2022 Nov 06
Application Deadline
2023 Jan 15


Paz Beniamini