Interdisciplinary Postdoc for Star-Planet Chemical Interplay

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Louisiana State University
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Applicants are invited for a postdoctoral or senior postdoctoral position within the research group of Prof. Natalie Hinkel at Louisiana State University ( The group has broad interests involving the chemical link between stars and planetary interiors ( as well as research that leverages the Hypatia Catalog stellar abundance database (

Depending on the applicant's research interests and qualifications, possible research topics may include, but are not limited to: [1] stellar abundances, involving spectroscopy and/or working with Hypatia Catalog data; [2] determining M-dwarf abundances in the infrared; [3] data science, visualization, and statistics (including access to the LSU high performance computer,; [4] geophysical modeling of planetary interior structure and mineralogy (with application to astronomy); [5] cosmochemistry/chemical processes within protoplanetary disks and planet formation, or [6] some combination thereof. The successful candidate is encouraged to develop their own research project within this general framework, which may be discussed with Natalie Hinkel ([email protected]). The postdoctoral researcher is expected to pursue independent and collaborative research, regularly publish papers, travel to and present at conferences/workshops (US and international), and assist in the preparation of proposals. They are also encouraged to help train under/graduate students. Senior postdoctoral researchers will be asked to lead various aspects of the project and/or proposals, and also will be expected to supervise under/graduate students.


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2024 Feb 01
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2024 Feb 29
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