Postdoctoral Researcher in 21 cm Cosmology Antenna Design – Radio Astronomy Laboratory, UC Berkeley

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University of California, Berkeley
Radio Astronomy Laboratory
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The Radio Astronomy Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley seeks applications for a Postdoctoral Researcher, for research projects directed by
Professor Aaron Parsons. Research in the lab addresses the electromagnetic design, modeling, and optimization of radio antennas for measuring the cosmic
21cm signal from cosmic reionization.

The postdoctoral researcher will be expected to work collaboratively with a research team to design and model radio antennas that meet the specifications of
the EIGSEP experiment. The candidate will also be assisting with experiment design, data analyses, and the preparation of research for publication. In addition,
the postdoctoral researcher will play a lead role in the supervision of young research participants. Furthermore, they will be responsible for organizing and
leading field deployments for testing antenna performance against simulations.

Designing and optimizing the EIGSEP experiment and specifications
Assisting with data analysis and the preparation of research for publication
May be responsible for supervising undergraduate and graduate students in research and purchasing equipment
Will be responsible for leading field deployments of the EIGSEP experiment

Candidates should have a strong background in electromagnetic modeling with standard commercial software packages (e.g. CST, FEKO, WIPLD, or
At least 2 years of coursework in astrophysics or electrical engineering
A strong background in programming and software engineering
Experience with machine-learning frameworks and parameter optimization
Experience with GPU programming frameworks
Strong oral and written communication skills

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Help contact: [email protected]

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation Range
$60,000USD to $71,952USD

Application Details

Publication Start Date
2023 Sep 09
Application Deadline
2023 Oct 15
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Aaron Parsons