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The STAR Institute of the University of Liège (Belgium) seeks a highly motivated and excellent applicant to take on important roles in the Hi-5 project. Hi-5 is a new instrumental project for the Very Large Telescope Interferometer (VLTI). It is funded by the H2020 OPTICON Joint Research Network. The main objectives of Hi-5 are to study at high-contrast and high-angular resolution nearby planetary systems and bright extragalactic objects in the L and M bands (3 to 5 microns). More information on the project can be found in a recent article published in Experimental Astronomy (Defrère et al. 2018) or on the website of the kickoff meeting (see

The selected candidate will join the Hi-5 team, under the supervision of Dr Denis Defrère as part of an international network of collaborators, to carry out several of the following research topics: (1) refine and optimize the exoplanet science case, (2) develop a new data reduction technique based on Bayesian statistics and machine learning, (3) lead Hi5-related astrophysical programmes with current VLTI instrumentation, (4) build a new theoretical framework to interpret multi-wavelength VLTI observations, and (5) take part and support instrumental developments through breadboarding activities. The exact research activities will be based on the background and interests of the candidate.

The applicant should have finished his/her doctoral thesis before taking up the position. A good knowledge of English is required as well as some basics in instrumentation and exoplanet science. Applicants must provide a short CV including a publication list and the contact details of two reference persons. Please send your complete application material before December 07, 2018, to Denis Defrère ([email protected]). The selected candidate will be offered a 1-year contract, renewable once. The preferred starting date is January 2019 but can be negotiated.

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Publication Start Date
2018 Nov 08
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2018 Dec 07


Dr Denis Defrère