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The Ariel Postdoctoral Fellowship Program seeks outstanding early-career scientists to carry out research programs that will support the Ariel exoplanet mission. Each fellowship position is expected to involve a high degree of independent research, although projects that will help build new collaborations among the Ariel Science Consortium are especially encouraged.

Ariel, the Atmospheric Remote-sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey, has been selected as the fourth medium-class mission in ESA’s Cosmic Vision programme. During its 4-year mission, Ariel will study what exoplanets are made of, how they formed and how they evolve, by surveying a diverse sample of about 1000 extrasolar planets, simultaneously in visible and infrared wavelengths. It is the first mission dedicated to measuring the chemical composition and thermal structures of hundreds of transiting exoplanets, enabling planetary science far beyond the boundaries of the Solar System.

Positions offered in 2022 (note for all the following positions, including those starting at U. Vienna, please submit your application materials via this application portal):

1. Chalmers Ariel Fellowship, based at Chalmers Univ., Gothenburg, Sweden (up to 4 years). Relevant research themes include theoretical and observational studies of planet formation and evolution, exoplanet atmospheres, exoplanet interiors, and astrochemistry.

2. U. Vienna-Chalmers Ariel Fellowship, based first at U. Vienna, Vienna, Austria (2 years), then at Chalmers Univ., Gothenburg, Sweden (2 years). Relevant research themes include physical and chemical evolution of exoplanet atmospheres.

3. U. Vienna Ariel Fellowship, based at U. Vienna, Vienna, Austria (4 years). Relevant research themes include formation and evolution of planets and their atmospheres.

For all fellowships, funds and opportunities for dissemination and international collaboration will be available.

Positions at Chalmers will be part of the Chalmers Initiative on Cosmic Origins (CICO), which is based in the Astronomy and Plasma Physics (AoP) division within the Dept. of Space, Earth and Environment (SEE). CICO also includes researchers in the Onsala Space Observatory division and in the Depts. of Physics and Chemistry.

Positions at U. Vienna will be based within the Dept. of Astrophysics, within the group of Prof. Manuel Güdel.

Ariel postdoctoral fellows are expected to perform research that is synergistic with the goals of the ESA Ariel mission. Research programs that help build collaborations within the Ariel Consortium are especially encouraged.

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A competitive salary, benefits and research budget package is offered for these positions.

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2021 Oct 15
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2021 Dec 15


Prof. Jonathan C. Tan