51 Pegasi b Fellowship in Planetary Astronomy at UCLA

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University of California, Los Angeles
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The Heising-Simons Foundation invites applications for their 51 Pegasi b Postdoctoral Fellowship program in Planetary Astronomy, of which UCLA is a host institution. Applicants apply directly through the Heising-Simons Foundation website (www.51pegasib.org).

Relevant research areas at UCLA span astronomical observations of the solar system, planetary surfaces, planetary interiors, planetary atmospheres, planet formation theory, cosmochemistry, orbital dynamics, protoplanetary disks, instrumentation, detection and characterization of extrasolar planets. 51 Pegasi b Fellows who are hosted at UCLA can work with faculty who are members of UCLA’s Earth Planetary and Space Sciences (EPSS) and Physics & Astronomy (P&A) departments.  Interested applicants are encouraged to reach out to potential faculty hosts to discuss their proposals.


The Heising-Simons Foundation and UCLA are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion within their communities. Thus, we particularly welcome applications from individuals who belong to groups that have been historically underrepresented in planetary sciences and astronomy such as women, persons with disabilities, racial and ethnic minorities, gender and sexual minorities, and others who may contribute to the diversification of the field.

Application Details

Publication Start Date
2021 Jul 21
Application Deadline
2021 Oct 01


Hilke Schlichting (on behalf of the 51 Pegasi b Fellowship Committee at UCLA)