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Postdoctoral position in Extragalactic Radio Astronomy

Rhodes University (RU) invites applications for a postdoctoral position in extragalactic radio astronomy and machine learning. The successful candidate will join the Centre for Radio Astronomy Techniques and Technologies (RATT) group and will work closely with Dr Kenda Knowles and Dr Emma Tolley (EPFL, Switzerland) on science and machine learning applications using MeerKAT galaxy cluster data. The position is for one year, with the possibility of renewal depending on performance, up to a maximum duration of three years.

Project description: We are seeking talented postdoctoral candidates to work on high-impact astrophysics research using the world-leading MeerKAT array, while developing observation-driven mock data for machine learning research in order to improve the efficiency of the technical aspects of radio data reduction and analysis. The science focus of our synergistic approach is on the environment of galaxy clusters, a key science area for the SKA.

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Publication Start Date
2023 Aug 27
Application Deadline
2023 Sep 30