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Niels Bohr Institutet, Københavns Universitet
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The Cosmic DAWN Center and the HEAVYMETAL project centred at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen invites applications for PhD Fellow positions starting in September 2023, or as soon as possible thereafter.

DAWN is a center of excellence funded by the Danish National Research Foundation, is located at the Niels Bohr Institute (NBI), University of Copenhagen and at the Space division of the Danish Technical University (DTU-Space). The center brings together experts in all aspects of early Universe galaxy evolution and is deeply involved in major existing and upcoming surveys with HST, ALMA, Euclid and JWST, theoretical modelling and simulations. For more information on the center's activities and researchers, please see

The HEAVYMETAL project, funded by the European Research Council, aims to understand the nuclear and astrophysical origin of the heaviest elements in neutron star mergers.

We invite applications from outstanding candidates with a background in astronomy, physics, or related disciplines, with strong motivation for doing research within DAWN’s research themes: high-redshift galaxy evolution, epoch of reionization, first stars and galaxies, dust, cosmochemical evolution, and the ISM in the early universe and dark matter, as well as within HEAVYMETAL’s research area: follow-up observations and modelling of neutron star mergers and kilonovae.

Projects involving both analysis of observations (including from JWST) and/or theoretical modelling are available. Positions are available for three years for candidates holding a 2-year MSc, or for four to five years in the “Integrated MSc and PhD programme” for very strong candidates holding a 1-year MSc or BSc only.

Full details of the positions, application procedure and the submission portal are available at

The deadline is 31 January 2024, 23:59 GMT +1.

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Interviews are expected to be held in late March/early April.

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2023 Nov 06
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2024 Mar 03
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