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University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Physics and Astronomy
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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill invites applications for a Postdoctoral Research Associate position in astronomical data pipeline development and operations monitoring for the Argus Array. Argus will consist of 900 small-aperture telescopes with low-noise CMOS detectors multiplexed into a continuous 8,000 square degree field of view over 55 gigapixels (1.4 per pixel). This enormous field of view allows the Array to achieve cadences as fast as one second across the entire sky, while also conducting a deep survey by combining 6-10 hours of observations each night. The Argus Project has philanthropic funding to start construction. 

This role will work in a collaborative and cross-functional environment to develop software projects for analysis, monitoring, and distribution of data products from the Array. Depending on the science interests and background of the applicant, these projects could include transient alert generation and distribution, photometric calibration and light curve analysis, or development of data management infrastructure and interfaces for public data release. In addition, a fraction of this role is reserved for independent research, and extensive opportunities for collaboration-building within the Argus Science Team will be available, as well as access to departmental observing facilities.

Compensation and Benefits

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$65,000USD to $75,000USD
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Publication Start Date
2023 Dec 22
Application Deadline
2024 Mar 01