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The Center for Space and Habitability (CSH; csh.unibe.ch) at the University of Bern, Switzerland, invites applications for CSH Fellows specialising in machine learning and its scientific applications. CSH Fellows in Machine Learning are jointly appointed between the CSH and the ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research (artorg.unibe.ch). We are seeking dynamic, interdisciplinary researchers who are able to collaborate with the astrophysicists, planetary scientists and geoscientists at the CSH and the computer scientists specialising in medical imaging at ARTORG.

Successful candidates are expected to be independent postdoctoral researchers who are within 5 years of obtaining their Ph.D, and who will carry out their own early-career research program. The proposed research program should contain a strong machine learning core and trigger/involve synergies between the CSH and ARTORG. Additionally, the CSH Fellow in Machine Learning is expected to lead monthly journal clubs and/or discussions on machine-learning-related topics of interest between the CSH and ARTORG, serving as a bridge between the two centers. Scientific inquiries may be directed to Prof. Raphael Sznitman (raphael.sznitman ‘at’ artorg.unibe.ch) and Prof. Kevin Heng (kevin.heng ‘at’ csh.unibe.ch), who are the directors of ARTORG and CSH, respectively.

Each CSH Fellowship is held for 2+1 years at the University of Bern and comes with an annual 5000 CHF research budget (travel, publications, etc).  The annual salary is between 85,000 and 95,000 CHF depending on experience (years after Ph.D) and is set by a predetermined matrix from the University and Canton of Bern.  Child allowance and maternity/paternity leave are offered.

Each prospective candidate will submit a research proposal with a maximum length of 5 pages.  The candidate will use a maximum of 2 pages to explain her/his existing research expertise and interests performed either during the Ph.D or previous postdoctoral position(s).  The rest of the proposal (minimum 3 pages) should describe the future research to be jointly pursued at the CSH and ARTORG, including key scientific questions addressed and the anticipated scientific impact.  The candidate should also briefly describe her/his career ambitions and plans for the next 5 years (one paragraph).  Additional application materials include a 2-page CV, a list of peer-reviewed publications (no page limit) and a cover letter (1 page) listing the names of 3 referees/references.

The entire application should be submitted as a SINGLE PDF FILE (minus the letters of recommendation) to CSH secretary Danielle Zemp (danielle.zemp ‘at’ csh.unibe.ch) by the application deadline of 20th November 2020.  Please label your main PDF file as “X.pdf” where “X” is your last name (all letters in lower capitals).  Applications sent as multiple files and/or that do not follow the stated specifications will not be processed.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that three letters of recommendation are sent directly and separately to CSH Secretary Danielle Zemp by the letter writers themselves (and NOT the candidate).


Application Details

Publication Start Date
2020 Sep 28
Application Deadline
2020 Nov 20


Kevin Heng and Raphael Sznitman