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We invite applications for a post-doctoral position to work within the intergalactic medium  groups of the Paris area, both at the CEA-Saclay and Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris (IAP), on studies of the 3D cosmic web using the Lya forest. The successful applicant will join the DESI and WEAVE collaborations. The project will exploit primarily spectra from quasars and Lyman-break galaxies obtained by both main and secondary DESI observations. He/she will develop and optimize tools to reconstruct and map the cosmic web at z~2-3 at different scales probed by these surveys.

The successful candidate will spend most of his/her first year at CEA-Saclay and second year at IAP. He/she will exploit the data focusing on the reconstruction of the cosmic web and comparison with simulations. Of particular interest will be the study of the topology of the large-scale structures using QSO spectra, the characterisation of proto-clusters and the optimisation of data processing from LBG spectra.

At CEA-Saclay, the cosmology group of DPhP/IRFU (Institut de Recherche sur les Lois Fondamentales de l'Univers) has major contributions to the DESI instrument and survey. The lab is located in the Paris-Saclay University, one hour away from IAP by public transportations. The Lyman-alpha team includes Eric Armengaud and Christophe Yèche. IAP, located inside Paris, is one of the largest French centers for extragalactic astrophysics with a variety of lively interconnected research groups on galaxy evolution, large-scale structure and advanced statistical methods. Members of the team include Clotilde Laigle and Patrick Petitjean but also Christophe Pichon and Katarina Kraljic (Strasbourg). 

We are looking for applicants with experience in cosmology and/or extragalactic astrophysics with no more than one year experience after PhD. Applications should include a cover letter, a brief summary of previous research and a statement of current research interests (4 pages max), a curriculum vitae, and a list of publications. They should be sent to Clotilde Laigle ([email protected]), Eric Armengaud ([email protected]) and Patrick Petitjean ([email protected]). At least two letters of recommendation should also be arranged and sent to the same.

Starting dates are negotiable, with a preferred period in Fall 2024. The postdoc will spend their first year at CEA-Saclay, and second year at IAP.

Compensation and Benefits

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The salary will be fixed at the legal post-doc level in France, based on experience. Health insurance, parental leave, state-subsidized schools and childcare are provided to all employees in France.

Application Details

Publication Start Date
2023 Nov 28
Application Deadline
2023 Dec 31


Patrick Petitjean