Post-doctoral position on High-z galaxy studies / Lyman-alpha emission

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Applications are invited for a 2-year post-doctoral position to work with Susanna Vergani at Paris Observatory, as part of the team of the ANR supported BEaPro project. This active team includes 6 researchers and two PhD students using gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) to probe high redshift galaxies.

The project is focused mainly on the exploitation of very deep VLT/MUSE observations (PI: S. Vergani) obtained to study the host galaxy of GRB130606A at z~6 and its line of sight. The VLT/X-shooter afterglow spectra and the deep HST image of the field are also available. All these data provide the unique opportunity to combine the properties of the cold/warm gas, the continuum and the Ly-alpha emission of a star-forming galaxy at z~6. It will be also possible to identify and study the counterparts of the 9 foreground absorbers detected along the GRB line of sight (7 of which at z>3).

Applicants interested in working on this project from an observational or theoretical point of view are encouraged to apply. Expertise in one (or more) of the following subjects will be valued: MUSE data redaction and analysis; Ly-alpha emission line observation and/or modelling; high redshift galaxy observation/modelling.

Applications consisting of a CV, publication list, a brief statement of research interests and past achievements should be sent via email in a single pdf file to [email protected] . Three letters of recommendation should be sent to the same address. The deadline is February 3, 2017. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Negotiable starting date: June 2017.

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Included Benefits:  French national medical insurance, Maternity/Paternity leave, Lunch subsidies, Participation to public transportation fees, Pension contributions

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2017 Jan 01
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2017 Feb 03