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The Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (KIAA) and the Department of Astronomy (DoA) at Peking University (PKU), Beijing, China invite applications for (1) KIAA Fellowships, and (2) together with Shanghai Astrophysical Observatory (SHAO) invite applications for PKU-SHAO Joint Postdoctoral Fellowships. For more information on these fellowships and all other postdoctoral opportunities at KIAA, see:

KIAA Fellowships are open to applicants in any area of astrophysics. KIAA fellowships are awarded for two years, renewable for a third year subject to a performance evaluation and the availability of funding. Successful applicants are expected to carry out independent and original research in any field in collaboration with PKU astronomers. PKU-SHAO Postdoctoral Fellowships ( are jointly awarded by PKU and SHAO and are open to applicants in fields of interest to both PKU and SHAO, including black holes, galaxies, galactic and extragalactic star formation, cosmology, and computational astrophysics. The postdocs will spend two years at SHAO and two years at KIAA in either order, with the second two years awarded with satisfactory performance.

Astrophysics at Peking University includes a total of 23 faculty, 35 postdoctoral fellows, 80 graduate students, 120 undergraduates, and many visiting scholars. KIAA is located on the historic grounds of PKU, has English as the working language, and regularly sponsors thematic workshops and conferences to provide a platform for national and international scientific exchanges. Peking University astronomy hosts the CSST PKU Science Center, which will play a pivotal role in analysis of survey data from the Chinese Space Station Telescope.  For more information, see

SHAO is located in the downtown of Shanghai, one of the most international and developed cities of China. SHAO provides a diverse setting and research facilities. In addition to the involvement of some domestic and international projects such as SKA, EHT, LAMOST, CSST, FAST and HUBS, the institute also possesses its own facilities such as the 65-m radio telescope and excellent computational facilities. Astronomy at SHAO includes 50 faculty, 20 postdoctoral fellows, 70 PhD students. For more information on SHAO, see

Prospective applicants are encouraged to discuss possible collaborative projects with faculty members at either KIAA or the PKU Department of Astronomy. The cover letter should indicate whether the applicant is only interested in one of the positions or is interested in all PKU postdoctoral opportunities for which they are qualified.

START DATE: May/September/December 2023

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Ph.D. in astronomy, physics, planetary sciences or related fields completed or expected by the start date, and a demonstrated record of research excellence. Preference will be given to applicants within 3 years of their PhD diploma. Candidates of any nationality are encouraged to apply to the KIAA Fellowships and PKU-SHAO Postdoctoral Fellowships.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Applicants should submit the following: cover letter, CV, brief summary of research experience, plan of future research, and at least three confidential letters of recommendation to arrive by November 30. Applicants are encouraged to identify faculty members with whom they could pursue collaborative projects.

Applications for KIAA Fellowships should be submitted at

Applications for PKU-SHAO Postdoctoral Fellowships should be submitted at

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Publication Start Date
2022 Sep 30
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2022 Nov 30


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