Time-Domain and/or Gravitational Lensing Postdoctoral Scholar

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University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics (MIfA)
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Applications are invited for a post-doctoral appointment in the field of supernova and transient astronomy and/or galaxy-cluster strong gravitational lensing at the University of Minnesota. The successful candidate will work with Prof. Patrick Kelly to acquire observations, participate in data analysis, and prepare papers and proposals. 

Among other potential projects, examples include i) analysis and interpretation of individual stars and supernovae highly magnified by foreground cluster lenses using the Hubble Space Telescope, JWST, and ground-based data, ii) commissioning and analysis of very early observations of supernovae and GW follow-up from the Total-Coverage Ultra-fast Response to Binary-Mergers Observatory (TURBO) led by the PI in New Mexico and Crete, iii) work on commissioning of the automated 1.5m Mount Lemmon Observing Facility (MLOF) near Tucson, AZ for transient follow up,  and iv) preparation for time-domain observations, including of Type Ia supernovae, with the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope. 

Available observing facilities include the twin 8.4-m Large Binocular Telescope, the 6.5-m MMT, the 2.3-m Bok Telescope, the automated 1.5-m Mount Lemmon Observing Facility, and the Total-Coverage Ultra-fast Response to Binary-Mergers Observatory (TURBO).

Candidates should have a Ph.D. as well as experience with data analysis. Complementary research efforts at the Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics include programs in gravitational lensing, massive stellar populations, cosmology, galaxy clusters, galaxy evolution, and transient astronomy.  

Applicants should email Patrick Kelly at [email protected] with a statement of research interests (up to two pages), a resume, and a publication list. Please also arrange for three references to send letters of recommendation to the same email address. Full consideration will be given to applications that are received by January 15, 2024.

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2023 Nov 20
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2024 Jan 15


Patrick Kelly