Multiple postdoctoral positions on multi-messenger and time-domain astrophysics

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The Institute of Astrophysics at the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (IA-FORTH) invites applications for several post-doctoral positions broadly on supermassive black hole binaries to work in Dr Maria Charisi’s group, funded by the ERC Starting Grant MMMonsters. MMMonsters aims to detect supermassive black hole binaries using electromagnetic (time-domain) and gravitational-wave (PTA) data and the combination of the two.

Applicants with experience in observations or variability studies of quasars, big data and machine learning especially for time-domain astrophysics, as well as gravitational wave data analysis with PTAs/LISA are highly encouraged to apply. Candidates who can connect their previous research to the objectives of MMMonsters are also encouraged to apply. The post-doctoral researchers will have the opportunity to join international collaborations (NANOGrav, EPTA, IPTA collaborations, the LSST AGN Collaboration and the LISA Consortium) and will benefit from extensive networking and mentoring opportunities. They will also have ample opportunities to develop independent research projects with the group or other members of the Institute and co-advise students (if they wish to).

The position comes with competitive salary, benefits (medical, retirement), a generous travel package, and opportunities to spend extended research visits in the US. The expected start date is in the summer of 2024 (negotiable). Postdoctoral researchers are appointed to one-year terms (renewable up to 3-4 years) upon satisfactory performance and availability of funds. The group and IA-FORTH are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, encourages applications from women and underrepresented minorities, and supports a flexible and family-friendly work environment.

Candidates must have a PhD in astronomy, physics or a related field by the time of the appointment. Applicants should send: (1) a cover letter (max 1 page), (2) a research statement (max 3 pages) and (3) a CV including publications to [email protected]. (4) They should also arrange for two (preferably three) recommendation letters to be sent directly to the same email address by the deadline. For more information, please contact Dr. Charisi directly at [email protected]

Deadline: December 15 2023 (Applications received by the deadline will receive full consideration, but review will continue until the positions are filled.)

IA-FORTH is a premier research institute in Greece. Founded in 2019, it provides an international and dynamic research environment with 10 permanent researchers, 11 postdocs and 18 PhD students. Its members perform cutting-edge research in a variety of topics including supermassive black holes (Charisi, Cassadio, Liodakis, Papadakis, Pavlidou), compact objects and pulsar timing (Antoniadis, Reig, Zezas), and galaxy evolution (Charmandaris, Diaz-Santos, Tassis). IA currently hosts three additional ERC grants led by Dr. Casadio (radio observations of quasars), Dr. Liodakis (multi-wavelength polarization of supermassive black holes), Prof. Tassis (polarimetry of the Milky Way) and an ERA chair in Astro-informatics led by Dr Starck. IA-FORTH also manages the Skinakas Observatory with 3 small and medium-size telescopes, located at an altitude of 1750m just 60km from the Institute.

IA-FORTH boasts a tight-knit and inclusive community, which fosters close collaborations among the different groups, and is committed to the professional development of its early-career members. The institute has established collaborative links with leading institutes in the US, such as Caltech, NASA/JPL, CfA/Harvard, Vanderbilt, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Northwestern as well as in Europe including CEA/Saclay (France), MPE, MPP and MPIfR (Germany), and Cambridge (UK).

IA-FORTH is located in Heraklion, a vibrant medium-sized city in Crete. Located in the biggest island of Greece with international visitors throughout the year, it maintains a very well-connected airport, phenomenal food scene (with plenty high-end restaurants) and a strong cultural identity with multi-cultural influences and historical gems. It is also surrounded by magnificent nature, beaches and mountains, with year-round outdoor activities (sea sports, hiking, cross-country skiing, etc).

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2023 Nov 17
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2023 Dec 15