Post-doctoral research position on supernova remnants

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The CEA Department of Astrophysics (DAp) invites applications for a postdoctoral position on supernova remnants. We invite applications from candidates with experience in supernova (SN) remnants and a solid background either in data analysis (X-ray, infrared, optical, radio), modeling of associated physical processes, or numerical simulations. We welcome applicants with methodological or scientific (e.g., Type Ia SN progenitor system, SN physics, dust emission, etc.) experience in related fields. The successful candidate will work as part of a team of complementary experts, with the opportunity to use state-of-the-art numerical simulation codes, spectro-imaging analysis techniques, and join an XRISM team associated with an ESA XRISM guest scientist. The position is for three years, and is expected to start in September/October 2024. The position requires the completion of a PhD in Astrophysics, or related field. To apply, qualified candidates are invited to send an email to [email protected] containing a cover letter stating motivations and qualifications, a CV with a full publication list and a statement of research experience. Applicants should arrange for three letters of reference to be e-mailed independently to the same address by the deadline of March 15, 2024. DAp is part of the Institute of Research into the Fundamental laws of the Universe (IRFU) at CEA Paris-Saclay. It is located at CEA Paris-Saclay at about 20 km south-west of Paris. DAp is a world-class astrophysics and space science department, covering many areas of observational, theoretical and numerical astrophysics and playing a leading role in instrument and ground segment developments, as recently for Euclid and JWST/MIRI, or XMM-Newton and is preparing for NewAthena. DAp offers a lively and very active research environment of the highest international standards. It has over 100 faculty members and staff, as well as around forty post-doctoral fellows and forty PhD students.

Compensation and Benefits

Included Benefits
Funding for conferences, collaborations, personal equipment and publications is available. The salary will depend on the experience of the candidate, and includes excellent health insurance and social security benefits. School is free in France for all children above three.

Application Details

Publication Start Date
2024 Jan 26
Application Deadline
2024 Mar 15