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Stockholms universitet
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The Department of Astronomy at Stockholm University invites applications for a PhD position in the field of modelling the electromagnetic signatures of neutron stars mergers and their ejecta of radioactive, heavy elements. The successful applicant will work in the group of Dr Anders Jerkstrand, which leads development of computational tools for light curves and spectra of explosive transients, and then uses these to decode observations. This allows us to infer which elements are made in which kind of events, understand how the explosion happens, and put constraints on fundamental physics probable only in these most extreme conditions in cosmos.

The work will be carried out in collaboration with other researchers both at the department, at SU Physics, and internationally. Suitable prerequistes are a strong passion and interest in physics, computations, and for finding out where the elements in the Universe come from.

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Publication Start Date
2023 Dec 05
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2024 Jan 15