PhD positions in Astrophysics and Astroinformatics

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Universidad de Antofagasta
Centro de Astronomía (CITEVA)
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At the Center of Astronomy (CITEVA) of University of Antofagasta, we seek enthusiastic students with a passion for understanding the wonders of the Universe to join the PhD program in Astrophysics and Astroinformatics.

Antofagasta, where CITEVA is based, is a large and rapidly expanding coastal city in northern Chile on the edge of the spectacular Atacama desert. In this scenic setting, our doctoral students will join our Professors who are involved in cutting-edge investigations on a broad range of topics, including stellar systems and galaxies from the Milky Way to the farthest reaches of the Universe and the booming field of Astroinformatics. They will have the much sought-after access to the 10% time on current and future international observatories built in Chile (ESO, Las Campanas, CTIO, Gemini, ALMA, E-ELT, GMT, CTA, etc.) along with SDSS-V and LSST, as well as access to local and national computing facilities. All lectures are given in English language.

Applicants must have an undergraduate or Master's degree in Astronomy or a related field. The application form and additional information regarding the program are available on our website. All materials must be submitted to [email protected] by October 16.

Further information can be obtained from the program's director, Prof. Christian H.R. Nitschelm.

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Publication Start Date
2023 Sep 04
Application Deadline
2023 Oct 02


Christian H. R. Nitschelm