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Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian
High Energy Astrophysics/Chandra X-ray Center
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Cambridge, MA
United States

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This is a Chandra X-ray Center (CXC) Predoctoral Fellowship. The applicant must have completed all coursework and exam requirements for the PhD in astronomy, astrophysics or related field. Applicants must gain approval of the Department Head of their home institution.

This Fellowship provides opportunities for PhD students to carry out thesis research work with scientific staff imembers of the CXC, for a period of two to three years. Candidates are currently being solicited for research in the area of "The role of jets and outflows in the growth of early supermassive black holes and galaxy evolution"

We have JWST NIRSpec IFU observations of a high-redshift, radio-loud quasar with a known, extended jet, seen by ALMA, Chandra, and the VLBA. A number of open questions are under consideration which can be investigated with these data, specifically the role of jets in the growth of early supermassive black holes, the contributions of outflows to early galaxy evolution, and the strength of the CMB in suppressing radio emission from jets through inverse Compton interactions. A predoctoral fellow is requested to lead the study of the jet properties and conduct a direct comparison with other, radio-quiet quasars observed with the same setup at the same epoch in order to compare the role of jets in early SMBH and galaxy evolution. This project will also utilize the wide availability of Chandra observations of these targets to connect to the X-ray properties of the quasars.

Candidates should submit the following (as pdf documents) to [email protected]:

Curriculum Vitae.

Research statement and Summary of previous and current research (each limited to three pages using 12-point font, including references and figures).

Department Head approval letter.

Names, email addresses, and phone numbers of three references familiar with the candidate's scientific abilities.

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Individual or family health and dental insurance.

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Publication Start Date
2024 Mar 06
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2024 May 15


Thomas Connor