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Alumni Affiliate Benefits


  • Register at reduced rates for AAS and Division meetings
  • Receive discounts on American Institute of Physics (AIP) publications and special rates on Annual Review publications, such as the Annual Reivew of Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Travel with discounted car rentals through Hertz


  • Post news, announcements, events, and other items
  • Stay current with the member-only AAS News Digest and email alerts
  • Find or post the latest career opportunties using the AAS Job Register
  • Access detailed search results from the print and online AAS Membership Directory


Alumni Affiliate are those who have left the astronomical sciences or related fields but would like to retain a connection to the AAS community. Prior membership at the Full, Associate, or Junior (dues-paying student) level is desired, but not required.

2020 Dues = $105

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