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The AAS Council has created a task force to provide the AAS with a data-driven, well-considered path for the future of the Society’s educational philosophy and activities. Your input is requested!

Proposal acceptance rates for the Chandra X-ray Observatory were higher for men than women in the early years, but they have been indistinguishable since 2009. That's good news!

The spending bills for FY 2017 that include NASA, NSF, and DOE have been approved by the Senate Appropriations committee, and are summarized within this post.

The AAS wants to encourage all members to participate in the science sessions at our meetings. If you need assistance to defray the costs of child or dependent care so you can attend the meetings, please apply for a childcare grant.

Congratulations to AAS Junior Member Sherwood Richers for being selected as a 2016-2017 Blue Waters Graduate Fellow!

We honor the memory of our departed colleagues. The Historical Astronomy Division commissions and compiles obituaries for deceased AAS members and depends on you, our members, for help writing them.