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Meetings: Scientific results may be presented at the regular meetings of the AAS and its Divisions. AAS members can present a paper at any AAS meeting. Nonmembers may present only once and must be sponsored by a Full Member who is familiar with the work to be presented.

Journals: AAS journals publish significant and original research papers. Papers are accepted from both members and nonmembers. Each paper is subjected to a review by one or more qualified referees. The decision to publish or not publish the paper rests entirely with the editor of the journal. Papers must be submitted in accord with the instructions appropriate for each journal. Prospective authors should consult the journal's website for submission instructions. Any given research article may only be submitted to one journal at a time. An author must wait until one journal has rendered a decision on an article, or must formally withdraw the article before submitting to another journal.

The Astrophysical Journal and Supplement

The Astronomical Journal

Preprint servers: There are preprint servers that permit any author to post an article for consideration by the research community. The AAS does not operate any of these services, nor does it specifically endorse any of them. Articles posted as preprints in this way may subsequently be submitted for publication in the AAS journals.