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The AAS publishes a Job Register, which is the premier location for employers who are seeking astronomers. The Job Register is published on the first of each month and usually contains about 50 or more jobs each month.

The AAS provides a Job Center at each AAS meeting. The Job Center serves as a meeting place for employers and job seekers, as well as being a posting location for new jobs and jobs in the most recent Job Register. Interviews can be carried out and many job seekers have found it is a great place to network and meet potential employers.

At AAS meetings, the Committee on Employment tries to organize one or more sessions that deal with career issues. Authors of specialized books for physical scientists who are seeking employment have been popular sessions in the past. The AAS also organizes a career seminar at the winter meeting, which takes place on the day before the meeting officially begins. At this seminar, participants can learn how to search for a job and the ins and outs of networking, writing resumes, and other information.

Finally, the AAS provides links to a large number of career-related resources and a special page of links to astronomers who are working in industry or a non-traditional career.