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AAS Informational Email 2007-07

Sent on behalf of the NSF-AST, Wayne Van Citters, Director

Exoplanet Taskforce White Papers Due April 2

The ExoPlanet Task Force (ExoPTF), an Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee (AAAC) subcommittee formed at the request of NSF and NASA, announces a call for white papers to inform their assessment of techniques and approaches for extra-solar planet detection and characterization, using both space- and ground-based facilities. The ExoPTF has been asked to recommend a 15-year strategy to detect and characterize exoplanets and planetary systems, and their formation and evolution, including specifically the identification of nearby candidate Earth-like planets and study of their habitability. White papers may describe studies, measurements with existing facilities, new instruments, new facilities or missions, considerations from theoretical
modeling, or other recommendations or information that can support the Task Force in its work as laid out in the charge.

White paper submission instructions, along with the ExoPTF charge and membership, may be found at

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