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AAS Informational Email 2009-03: Election Results

Sent 10 February 2009

The American Astronomical Society (AAS) announces its new officers, Council members, and certain other officials, as elected by the members of the Society.

The new President of AAS will be Dr. Debra Meloy Elmegreen, a noted investigator of galaxies who is the Maria Mitchell Professor of Astronomy and Department Chair in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Vassar College, in Poughkeepsie, New York. She will become President Elect after the Annual Business meeting of the Society on 7 June 2009, during the 214th national meeting of AAS, in Pasadena, California. Elmegreen will then assume the office of President after the next business meeting, on 26 May 2010, during the 216th AAS meeting, 23-27 May 2010 in Miami, Florida, when she will succeed the current President, Dr. John P. Huchra of Harvard University. Her term will expire in June 2012, at the AAS meeting in Anchorage, Alaska.

The other newly elected officials are:

Vice-President: Dr. Lee Anne Willson, University Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa. (Term: 2009-2012)

Education Officer: Dr. Timothy F. Slater, the Wyoming Excellence in Higher Education Endowed Professor of Science Education in the Science and Mathematics Teaching Center at the University of Wyoming, in Laramie. (Term: 2009-2012)

Councilors (each for the term 2009-2012):

Dr. Richard G. French, Professor and Department Chair, Astronomy Department, Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts

Dr. James D. Lowenthal, Associate Professor and Chair, Astronomy Department, Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts

Dr. Jennifer Wiseman, Chief, Laboratory for Exoplanets and Stellar Astrophysics, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland

Member of the US National Committee for the International Astronomical Union, Category 1

Dr. Brian Chaboyer, Professor, Physics and Astronomy Department, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire. (Term: 2010-2013; "Category 1" means an USNC-IAU committee member who is elected by the membership)

Nominating Committee (each for the term 2009-2012):

Dr. Thomas M. Bania, Professor of Astronomy, Dept. of Astronomy, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts

Gina Brissenden, Program Director in the Center for Astronomy Education, Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, Tucson.