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Selected Web Resources on Science Policy

Researching Members of Congress

The site allows you to search on your address to find your members of Congress and their contact information, but there is a lot more there. Each member's page has committee assignments, voting records, bills sponsored, and an estimate of the member's ideology and leadership relative to his/her peers. The pages also link to records on the same member from other websites, their Twitter handle, etc., which can be similarly useful. Please note that the "ideology" score is based largely on whether the member of Congress supports legislation that is bipartisan. The more bipartisan their record of support, the closer to the middle the member's ideology score will be. 

Relevant Committees' Websites

Advocacy Advice and Resources

  • Bill Press Presidential address on "What's So Special About Science?" – Discusses the idea the innovation, spurred by investment in basic research is the key to our economy's exponential growth
  • "Policy: The art of science advice to government" by Peter Gluckman (Nature)
  • Advice from AGU on interacting with media and policymakers
  • NASA Spinoffs – NASA's curated list of research and tech related to its mission that has led to advances in other fields. As we said, beware overemphasizing spinoffs; also note this volume is not universally well respected.

Researching Legislation

Researching the Executive Branch

Astronomical Science Policy

Science Policy Reporting

Other Societies' Public Policy Pages

  • AAAS – American Association for the Advancement of Science Science and Policy Programs
  • AAU – American Association of Universities
  • ACS – American Chemical Society
  • AIP – American Institute of Physics
  • AGU – American Geophysical Union
  • AMS – American Mathematical Society
  • APS – American Physical Society
  • ESA – Ecological Society of America