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Splinter and Workshop Proposal Form

Winter Meeting:
Workshop Submission Deadline: 12 August
Open Splinter Meeting Submission Deadline: 11 November
Private Splinter Meeting Submission Deadline: 1 December 
Instructions, terms, and conditions

Summer Meeting:
Workshop Submission Deadline: 15 December *closed*
Public Splinter Meeting Submission Deadline: 15 April *closed*
Private Splinter Meeting Submission Deadline: 1 May
Instructions, terms, and conditions

You must submit one proposal for each day of your splinter session or workshop. For example, if your workshop is both Saturday and Sunday, you will need to submit two proposals.

There is an Administrative/Room fee of $300-$650 for all splinter meetings and workshops, depending on the size and complexity of your meeting. The amount of the fee will be decided by the AAS.

Please read Instructions, terms, and conditions before submitting your proposal.

Please choose the meeting at which your splinter or workshop will take place.
Organizer Information
Please enter your billing information.
Splinter Meeting or Workshop Information
Workshops: Typically educational in nature, have limited availability, and scheduled on a weekend day during applicable times. May be included on AAS Workshop Registration form, if applicable. Splinters: Any format, scheduled on any day, during applicable times.
Maximum 300 words. If your splinter or workshop is public, this description will be published in the Meeting Program as well as the online schedule.
Audio Visual Equipment and Services
Please select the equipment and services that you require. There is a minimum $50 labor fee for all meetings that are requesting Audio Visual Equipment or Services. The fee may be higher depending on the amount/type of equipment or services you order. This is only an estimate of your needs and applicable charges. You will receive an accurate quote during the planning process.
Mandatory for all meetings using 1+ Microphones. Please choose the mix board that is applicable to the total number of microphones selected.
*Projector Support Package includes skirted projector table/cart, power supply for projector, and associated cables.
Electrical Services
Statements of Understanding
These terms must be agreed upon in order to submit a Splinter Meeting or Workshop proposal.