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HEAD Electronic Poster Submission Form

As part of HEAD's 13th Divisional Meeting in Monterey, California (April 7-11, 2013), we are collecting, on a trial basis, PDF versions of posters that will be presented at the meeting. These will be used in two different ways, at the submitter's discretion.

  1. Displayed on large TV screens on a rotating basis which will be placed around the meeting site, highlighting your work


  2. Included as a attached and permanent downloadable file in the Astrophysics Data System (ADS) listing that will be associated with your poster abstract.

You may agree to either or both of these uses. In either case, you must certify that the contents of the submitted poster correspond to the material presented at the meeting, and that you own the intellectual rights to this content. If you wish to submit your contribution to the ADS, you acknowledge that its submission constitutes a permanent publication that cannot be altered later except via posting an erratum. You also agree to make it available under a CC-BY license.

Personal Information Form
Kindly ensure that you use the following format: FirstName_LastName_PosterNumber_YYYYMMDD.pdf (example: John_Doe_11001_20130331.pdf). Poster number is the five digit number for your session xxx.xx (or 110.01). If unsure or do not know you may check your Poster Number here.
I allow AAS/HEAD to display this copy of my poster during the HEAD meeting. I grant AAS/HEAD the rights to use this work as described here.
I certify that this electronic file is an accurate representation of the work presented at the HEAD meeting. I certify that I own the copyrights to this work and that I'm making it available under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) 3.0 License. I grant permission to the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data system to permanently archive and distribute this electronic copy of my poster.