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Child/Dependent Care Grant Application

The financial burden of child and dependent care affects the Society’s members. The impact can be so great that it prevents attendance at meetings, especially for early career scientists or those at small institutions with limited funding. The AAS and its Divisions are committed to helping members with dependents attend meetings; therefore, members may apply for subsidized dependent care services during a meeting, for use either at the meeting location or at home.

The information collected via this form will be used by the AAS Child/Dependent Care Grants Committee to determine eligibility for child/dependent care subsidies for the 233rd AAS meeting to be held in Seattle, Washington, 6-10 January 2019. Applicants must register for the 233rd AAS meeting by the Child/Dependent Care Grants deadline of 30 November 2018.

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Please read the Child/Dependent Care Grant guidelines before applying.