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AAS Prize Letter of Support Form

Only AAS members are eligible to submit AAS prize nominations, but anyone may submit a letter of support.

Self-nominees may not write letters of support for themselves; all three letters of support must come from other people.

If you've been asked to submit a letter of support to accompany a nomination for one of the AAS prizes and wish to have your letter go directly to the AAS Secretary without it being seen by the nominator and/or the candidate, you may upload it using this form. You must upload a PDF; no other formats will be accepted.

Please read the full description of the relevant prize or award on our AAS prizes and awards page.

The annual deadline for prize nominations and supporting materials, including letters of support, is 30 June.

Name of prize nominee
*For all awards and prizes, we don't want the prize-committee members to know which candidates were nominated by others and which candidates nominated themselves. Accordingly, your letter of support must say something like "I'm writing to support the nomination of [candidate's name]" rather than "I'm writing to nominate [candidate's name]." Any letter of support that suggests that the author is "nominating" the candidate rather than "supporting the nomination of" the candidate will be returned for a rewrite.