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Richard Tresch Fienberg
Press Officer
American Astronomical Society (AAS)

We're trying something new at the 222nd AAS meeting in Indianapolis: We're inviting amateur astronomers and other interested members of the public to drop in on Monday, 3 June, or Tuesday, 4 June. They can take advantage of a special one-day public registration rate that includes access to all scientific sessions and the exhibit hall.

Four AAS officers or councilors — Fritz Benedict, Debbie Elmegreen, Ed Guinan, and Angela Speck — have graciously volunteered to give short presentations designed especially to appeal to armchair and backyard astronomers. These talks are scheduled during breaks so that they don't conflict with the regular science program.

Another special event is free to all members of the public: a star party where visitors can view Saturn and other telescopic treats. Co-hosts are the AAS and Indianapolis's premier astronomy club: the Indiana Astronomical Society. The AAS thanks member Jason Kendall (, who is active in public outreach in the New York metro area and beyond, for taking the lead in organizing this exciting evening under the stars.

  • Date, time: Monday, 3 June 2013 (cloud/rain date: Tuesday, 4 June 2013), 9:00 p.m. EDT
  • Location: Convention Center Plaza – Corner of South Capitol Ave. and West Maryland St.

If you're coming to Indy and own a portable telescope, we encourage you to bring it with you. (That BYOT in the title means "bring your own telescope.") Jason will bring at least one, and members of the IAS will bring some more, but you can never have too many. The AAS/IAS star party in Indy provides a great opportunity to engage in a bit of guerrilla urban stargazing, meet Indiana's leading amateur astronomers, share your knowledge and enthusiasm with members of the public, and practice for September's National Star Party Weekend (,, which Jason is also involved in organizing.

AAS/IAS star party updates, including weather and logistics, will be posted on the AAS Facebook:

Richard Tresch Fienberg
Press Officer
American Astronomical Society (AAS)

You may think you belong to the AAS, but it's really the other way around: the Society belongs to you. That's why every AAS summer meeting includes the Annual Members Meeting, where you'll hear brief reports from the Society's leaders and have an opportunity to raise and comment on issues of concern to you personally and to our community more generally.

It used to be hard to get people to show up at the Annual Members Meeting, but last summer in Anchorage we had a record turnout — because we provided free beer, soft drinks, and snacks! We'll do that again at the 222nd AAS meeting in Indianapolis, so please join us in Wabash Ballroom 1 of the Indiana Convention Center on Wednesday, 5 June 2013, from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., right before the closing reception. Eat, drink, and share with us your ideas about how we can serve you better.

The Annual Members Meeting is also the occasion to propose candidates for the Nominating Committee, which in turn selects candidates for election as AAS officers or councilors. This committee is a key component of Society governance and strongly influences the course of the Society's future. There will be two vacancies on the Nominating Committee to be filled in 2013, and our bylaws specify that we need at least two candidates for each of them. Please think about colleagues whose experience and judgment you value, and, after obtaining their consent, come to the Annual Members Meeting prepared to put their names forward.

Mark V. Sykes
Planetary Science Institute

The Planetary Science Institute (PSI) in Tucson, Arizona, has established the Pierazzo International Student Travel Award in memory of PSI senior scientist Betty Pierazzo, an expert in the area of impact modeling throughout the solar system and on the astrobiological and environmental effects of impacts on Earth and Mars. In addition to her research Pierazzo was passionate about education and public outreach. She developed planetary-related classroom materials, conducted professional-development workshops for teachers, and taught college-level classes herself. Pierazzo believed in the strength of broad collaborations in all of her research and education activities. This award memorializes the scope of how she lived her life and the good she sought to bring to our profession and communities.

Two awards, each consisting of a certificate and up to $2,000, will be made each year, contingent upon there being meritorious applications. One will be awarded to a graduate student working on his or her Ph.D. at an institution within the United States to support travel to a planetary-science-related conference or workshop outside of the U.S. The other will go to a graduate student working on his or her Ph.D. at an institution outside of the U.S. to support travel to a planetary-science-related meeting within the U.S.

The subject matter of the work by the recipient of the Pierazzo International Student Travel Award may be in any area of planetary science.
“I am very pleased that at a time when support for international conference travel has been cut back by NASA, PSI can offer an opportunity for graduate students to meet and build possibly life-long relationships with planetary colleagues from other countries,” said Mark Sykes, PSI CEO and director, in a press release. “Solar-system exploration is increasingly international. We honor Betty by helping build bridges between the U.S. and other nations with this award.”
For more information, visit the Pierazzo International Student Travel Award page. For information on contributing to the Betty Pierazzo Memorial Fund, please visit the Memorial Fund page.

Lisa J. Storrie-Lombardi

On behalf of NASA and the Spitzer Space Telescope Project, the Spitzer Science Center (SSC) at Caltech is pleased to announce the release of the Cycle 10 Call for Proposals (CP). The Cycle 10 CP solicits Exploration Science (ES) General Observer, regular General Observer (GO), and Snapshot proposals. We expect to select ~7,000 hours of priority 1 and 2 programs and ~3,000 hours of priority 3 programs.


  • Exploration Science Letters of Intent Due: 31 May 2013  
  • Cycle 10 Proposal Deadline: 2 August 2013, 5:00 p.m. PDT (8:00 p.m. EDT)   

The mission is funded to operate through Cycle 10 (2014), and the Spitzer project plans to propose to the 2014 NASA Senior Review for Cycle 11 and 12 operations.

Major changes between Cycle 9 and Cycle 10 are described in Section 1.1 of the Call for Proposals.

All programmatic and technical information for Cycle 10 is available electronically from the Proposal Kit section of the Spitzer Science Center website:

Investigators worldwide from all types of institutions are eligible to submit proposals in response to this CP. Joint Hubble or Chandra observations can be proposed as part of a Spitzer Cycle 10 proposal.

All proposals must be submitted electronically using Spot, the SSC proposal planning and submission software. The S19 version of Spot is available from the SSC website and via the auto-update feature in Spot. Proposers must use this version of the software to submit their proposals and use the Cycle 10 proposal templates available at the Proposal Kit website.

Any questions should be addressed to the Spitzer Helpdesk at

Archival research proposals are not included as a part of Cycle 10 but can be funded through Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) — 2013. The Astrophysics Data Analysis Program (ADAP), included in ROSES, supports both cryogenic and warm Spitzer archival research. For more information please see

The proposal due date for ROSES is 17 May 2013.

Crystal M. Tinch
Communications Manager
American Astronomical Society (AAS)

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), the academy of sciences for the developing world, seeks nominations for the 2013 TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize. Sponsored by Lenovo, the prize has been established to give international recognition and visibility to outstanding scientific achievements made by scientists living and working in developing countries.

In 2013 the prize will be given for outstanding achievements in physics and astronomy; it includes a US $100,000 monetary award and a medal.

The deadline for receiving nominations is 10 June 2013.

Further details on eligibility criteria, submission procedures, and a nomination form are available on the TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize page.

For additional information, please contact:

Erick T. Young
Universities Space Research Association (USRA)

Proposals due: 28 June 2013

The Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) Science Center is pleased to announce the Cycle 2 Call for Proposals for SOFIA. This call solicits proposals for approximately 175 hours of science observations using SOFIA during the calendar year 2014. The deadline for Cycle 2 proposal submission is 28 June 2013.

Instruments offered for Cycle 2 observations are: (1) FLITECAM near-IR camera including its grism modes, (2) FORCAST mid-IR camera including its grism modes, (3) GREAT far-IR heterodyne spectrometer, (4) HIPO optical high-speed photometer, and (5) the combination of FLITECAM with HIPO ("FLIPO"). The EXES mid-IR spectrometer and the FIFI-LS far-IR imaging spectrometer, which are expected to be commissioned in 2014, are for the first time available as shared-risk for a limited amount of Guest Investigator observations.

Information about preparation and submission of observing proposals is available at the Cycle 2 webpage.

The instrument capabilities are described in the SOFIA Observer's Handbook for Cycle 2, released with this call for proposals. An update to the Call for Proposals is scheduled on 1 June 2013. The update will disseminate knowledge about observatory and instrument capabilities gained from the analysis of data from commissioning flights currently under way. No major changes are anticipated to the observatory capabilities, as described in the current call for proposals document and in the SOFIA Observer’s Handbook for Cycle 2. For questions and assistance, please contact the SOFIA Help Desk.

This call is open to all qualified astronomers, worldwide, in the U.S. and outside the U.S., except for those currently affiliated with German institutions. Astronomers with a German professional affiliation may participate through the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Deutsches SOFIA Institut Cycle 2 call, which will be released later this month.

We look forward to your participation in this exciting new research opportunity.

Crystal M. Tinch
Communications Manager
American Astronomical Society (AAS)

One of the many benefits of membership in the AAS is the annual AAS Wall Calendar. It is provided free to all members and makes an attractive addition to any office. The calendar highlights important astronomical events month by month, including AAS and division meetings, proposal and grant deadlines, solar and lunar eclipses, equinoxes and solstices, meteor showers, Moon phases, and more. Produced in standard format, the calendar measures 11 x 8½ inches closed, 11 x 17 inches open.


Each month of the AAS Wall Calendar affords an opportunity for sponsorship by an observatory or other astronomy-related organization, department, mission, or project. Sponsors are featured with a full-page photo or illustration of their choosing, one or more logos, and a short block of text including a caption and credit. Sponsorship of the AAS Wall Calendar is a great way to show your support for the astronomical community and to ensure that your project, mission, or institution is recognized by astronomers all across North America.

Space is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Anyone interested in sponsoring a month in the 2014 AAS Wall Calendar should contact Crystal Tinch ( for more information and pricing. Deadline: 1 September 2013.

Dates & Deadlines

The AAS relies on meeting organizers, telescope-allocation committees, funding agencies, foundations, and others to inform us of key dates and deadlines for inclusion in the AAS Wall Calendar. Every year we're asked why a particular proposal deadline or other important event of widespread interest to AAS members wasn't listed in the calendar, and the answer is always the same: "Because nobody told us about it." Don't let this happen to you! Please forward any key dates and deadlines for the 2014 AAS Wall Calendar to Crystal Tinch ( as soon as possible. Deadline: 1 September 2013.

Crystal M. Tinch
Communications Manager
American Astronomical Society (AAS)

Annually we acknowledge and thank our 25-year-plus members for their commitment and service to the Society. Anniversaries for 2013 are listed in five-year increments according to join date. If your name was excluded please contact Crystal Tinch (

25 Years
Abe, Yutaka Adams, Fred C. Aiello, John J.
Ajhar, Edward A. Allamandola, Louis John Allen, Lori
Andersson, Bengt-Goran Araki, Suguru Baggett, Sylvia M.
Baggett, Wayne E. Balsara, Dinshaw S. Barnbaum, Cecilia S.
Barnes, Peter John Batalha, Natalie M. Baum, Stefi Alison
Beach, Thomas E. Becker, Peter A. Bell, James F.
Bennett, Jeffrey Bezard, Bruno Blaes, Omer M.
Blaha, Cindy Bosh, Amanda S. Boyd, Richard N.
Brinkmann, Jonathan V. Brooke, Timothy Y. Butner, Harold M.
Buzasi, Derek L. Carlson, Barbara E. Cersósimo, Juan C.
Chastenay, Pierre Chayer, Pierre Chernoff, David F.
Chyba, Christopher F. Clavel, Jean Colwell, Joshua E.
Corcoran, Michael F. Danly, Laura Davidge, Tim
Detweiler, Herman L. Devereux, Nicholas A. Dixon, William Van Dyke
Dobson, Andrea K. Duncan, Martin J. Dupuis, Jean
Dutkevitch, Diane Edelsohn, David J. Eichhorn, Guenther
Ellison, Donald C. Elowitz, R. Mark Emmering, Robert Thoms
English, Thomas R. Erickson, Lance Ewell, M. Webster
Fatuzzo, Marco Faulkner, Danny R. Ferrer, Sebastian
Fitzgibbons, Gregory L. Fontenla, Juan Fowler, James R.
Friedson, Andrew James Fruchter, Andrew S. Fuller, George M.
Fuller, Gary A. Gelderman, Richard Glaccum, William J.
Gopalswamy, N. Gray, Richard O. Green, Paul J.
Greenhill, Lincoln J. Gregorich, David T. Griffin, R. E. M.
Guhathakurta, Puragra Guzik, Joyce Ann Hanawa, Tomoyuki
Hanson, Margaret M. Harris, Joel K. Harris, Andrew I.
Harrison, Thomas E. Hassler, Donald M. Hatzes, Artie P.
Haughney, Louis C. Hege, E. Keith Heller, Clayton H.
Henry, Todd J. Hewett, Paul C. Heyer, Inge
Hill, Gary J. Hindsley, Robert Hockey, Thomas A.
Holenstein, Bruce D. Holtzman, Jon A. Horner, Scott D.
Howell, Ellen S. Hufnagel, Beth Infante, Leopoldo
Irwin, Judith Jenkins, Jon Michael Jernigan, Tamara E.
Jobin, Marc Johnson, Joni J. Kendall, Jason Shilling
Kirk, Randolph L. Kirkpatrick, J. Davy Kochanek, Christopher S.
Koo, Bon-Chul Korista, Kirk T. Korycansky, Donald
Koupelis, Theodoros Krishnaswamy, Sumant Kuan, Yi-Jehng
Lame, Nancy Joanne Lavery, Russell J. Lee, Man Hoi
Levine, Stephen Levy, Gerald S. Lin, Haosheng
Lis, Dariusz C. Livio, Mario Lizano, Susana
Loh, Edwin D. Mack, Peter Magee-Sauer, Karen P.
Maheswaran, Murugesapillai Majewski, Steven R. Mangum, Jeffrey Gary
Marouf, Essam A. Martin, Pierre McCarthy, Patrick J.
McCollough, Michael L. McCullough, Peter R. McDowell, Jonathan C.
McGrath, Melissa Meixner, Margaret Mezzacappa, Anthony
Migenes, Victor Molloy, A. R. Monet, David G.
Montgomery, Sharon Lynn Moustakas, Leonidas A. Murphy, Graham A.
Murthy, Jayant Nemiroff, Robert J. Neufeld, David A.
Nitta, Nariaki Nolan, Michael C. Novak, Giles
Odewahn, Stephen C. O'Donoghue, Aileen A. Olson, Donald W.
Parker, Joel Wm. Patten, Brian Michael Payne, Tamara E. W.
Perez, Mario R. Pinsonneault, Marc H. Pitesky, Jo Eliza
Radford, Simon J. E. Rasio, Frederic A. Raugh, Anne C.
Rich, Robert Michael Richter, Otto G. Rogers, Forrest J.
Rosenwald, Ross D. Roth, Katherine Roush, Ted L.
Routly, Paul M. Rubenstein, Eric P. Rudolph, Alexander L.
Sada, Pedro Salamon, Michael Hugh Schulte-Ladbeck, Regina E.
Schultz, Angie Schwartz, Richard A. Scott, Edward R. D.
Shapero, Donald C. Skrutskie, Michael F. Slane, Patrick O.
Sloan, Gregory C. Spencer, John R. Stanford, S. Adam
Stern, S. Alan Stutzki, Jurgen Tacconi-Garman, Lowell E.
Tamano, Teruo Tatematsu, Ken'ichi Tegler, Stephen C.
Thompson, Keith Louis Valls-Gabaud, David Wakker, Bart P.
Walker, Alistair R. Wang, Q. Daniel Welty, Alan D.
White, Raymond Edwin White, Stephen M. Wilcots, Eric M.
Williams, Ted Williger, Gerard M. Wilner, David J.
Womack, Maria Wu, Ying Cheng Yang, Wei-Hong
Zell, Philip J
30 Years
Allison, Michael Backman, Dana E. Barsony, Mary
Batuski, David J. Blanford, George E. Bonnet, Roger-Maurice
Brown, Robert Hamilton Brown, Jeffery A. Buie, Marc W.
Burns, Michael Shane Bushouse, Howard A. Cadmus, Robert R.
Chen, James Chiu, Hong-Yee Cochran, Anita L.
Cook, Kem H. Corbally, Christopher J. Cornell, Mark E.
Courtin, Regis D. Czyzak, S. J. Dermott, Stanley F.
Dewdney, Peter E. Dones, Henry C. (Luke) Doorish, John Francis
Duvall, Thomas L. Eder, Jo Ann Einasto, Jaan
Felten, James E. Fleming, Thomas A. Friel, Eileen D.
Frisch, Priscilla C. Fullerton, Alexander W. Garcia, Michael R.
Garwood, Robert W. Gary, Dale E. Goguen, Jay D.
Greenhouse, Matthew A. Haber, Deborah A. Hakkila, Jon E.
Heiligman, Gary M. Hirshfeld, Alan W. Hughes, John Patrick
Jakobsen, Peter Jenkner, Helmut Kay, Laura E.
Kostiuk, Theodor Lamontagne, Robert Lawrence, Charles R.
Levison, Harold F. Lissauer, Jack J. MacKenty, John W.
Magalhaes, Antonio Mario Magnani, Loris A. Mathieu, Robert D.
McCutcheon, Robyn A. McDavid, David A. McEwen, Alfred S.
McNamara, Bernard J. Melia, Fulvio Middleditch, John
Muller, Dietrich Neff, James E. Ostlie, Dale A.
Petre, Robert Pudritz, Ralph E. Ryan, James M.
Saar, Steven H. Saumon, Didier Schlegel, Eric M.
Schneider, Donald P. Shao, Michael Sitko, Michael L.
Skillman, Evan D. Smith, Dale W. Smith, David H.
Smith, J. Allyn Smith, Verne V. Stacey, Gordon J.
Stauffer, John R. Stoner, Jeff L. Takahara, Fumio
Taylor, David K. Tonry, John L. Ubertini, Pietro
Uomoto, Alan K. Vallerga, John Van Ballegooijen, Adriaan A.
Vestrand, W. Thomas Walker, Christopher K. Waltman, Elizabeth B.
Ward, Martin J. Wasatonic, Richard P. Williams, Thomas R.
Wolfire, Mark G.
35 Years
Anthony-Twarog, Barbara J. Antiochos, Spiro K. Barnard, John J.
Bastien, Pierre Beall, James Howard Bignell, Carl
Blair, William P. Bregman, Joel N. Brunish, Wendee M.
Carlberg, Raymond G. Catacosinos, Paul A. Chu, You-Hua
Clarke, John T. Connolly, Leo P. Corbin, Thomas E.
Cordes, James M. Cowie, Lennox Lauchlan Danford, Stephen C.
Dobias, Jan J. Eastwood, Kathy DeGioia Ebbets, Dennis
Elvis, Martin Esposito, Larry W. Ferland, Gary J.
Fesen, Robert A. Fich, Michel Fleck, Robert C.
Gaskell, C. Martin Gergely, Tomas E. Gisler, Galen R.
Green, Elizabeth M. Hagen, John P. Hanisch, Robert J.
Hathaway, William H. Heck, Andre Hemenway, Paul D.
Herter, Terry L. Hintzen, Paul Ho, Paul T. P.
Hollabaugh, Mark Hurford, Gordon J. Jaffe, Daniel Thomas
Jewell, Philip R. Johnson, Robert E. Kahn, Ralph A.
Kalata, Kenneth Kaluzienski, Louis J. Katz, Andrew
Kimble, Randy A. Kohl, John L. Lamb, Richard C.
Lanzerotti, Louis J. Lubow, Stephen H. Ma, Chopo
MacAlpine, Gordon M. MacGregor, Keith B. Maloney, Frank Patrick
Mariska, John T. Massey, Philip Matese, John J.
Miller, Glenn E. Mould, Jeremy R. Nations, Harold
Novacek, Greg R. O'Brien, George T. Olowin, Ronald Paul
Olson, Randy W. Oswalt, Terry D. Pauls, Thomas A.
Pence, William D. Piccirillo, John Rabin, Douglas M.
Rosen, Warren A. Sanders, David B. Sato, Makiko
Schweighauser, Charles A. Shara, Michael Shields, Gregory A.
Skelton, Dennis L. Stachnik, Robert V. Stefanik, Robert P.
Stiennon, Michael J. Strobel, Darrell F. Sweigart, Allen V.
Thompson, Ian Thompson, David John Turner, Jean
Ulvestad, James S. Victoria, Ulises E. Vishniac, Ethan T.
Waldron, Wayne L. Walker, Constance E. Wegner, Gary A.
West, Robert A. White, Richard L. Wilbur, Jay H.
Williams, Glen A. Wilson, James R. Wynn-Williams, C. G.
Zinn, Robert J.
40 Years
Aannestad, Per A. Albert, Donald B. Barker, Edwin S.
Bell, Morley B. Bruning, David H. Colvin, Jeff D.
De Jong, Teije Elias, Jonathan H. Elmegreen, Bruce
Evans, Neal J. Gehrz, Robert D. Green, Richard F.
Greenberg, Richard Hill, Henry A. Janssen, Michael A.
Kiplinger, Alan L. Kirshner, Robert P. Kurkowski, Jerome J.
Lacy, Claud H. Lebofsky, Larry A. Martin, Robert N.
McAlister, Harold A. Mechler, Gary E. Meszaros, Peter
Nicolas, Kenneth R. Pang, Kevin Pankonin, Vernon
Phillips, Mark M. Polidan, Ronald S. Ramsey, Lawrence W.
Reitsema, Harold Reynolds, Ronald J. Ridgway, Stephen T.
Sanders, Wilton T. Schwarz, Joseph H. Scott, Roger L.
Shuart, Ross Slade, Martin A. Smithson, Robert C.
Snow, Theodore P. Stetson, Peter B. Stone, Edward C.
Tarter, Jill C. Thronson, Harley A. Vilkki, Erkki U.
Walker, Robert Craig Wardle, John F. C. Weitenbeck, Anthony J.
Will, Clifford M. Williamon, Richard M. Wills, Beverley J.
Woosley, Stan E.
45 Years
Ahluwalia, Harjit S. Beebe, Reta F. Bergstralh, Jay T.
Bologna, Joseph M. Burns, Joseph A. Butcher, Harvey R.
Carson, T. Richard Castelli, John P. Chaisson, Eric J.
Currie, Douglas G. Groom, Donald E. Hanner, Martha S.
Haramundanis, Katherine Johnston, Kenneth J. Jones, Harrison P.
Jordan, Stuart D. Joseph, Robert D. Kellogg, Edwin M.
Kuiper, T. B. H. Lamb, Frederick K. Lambert, David L.
Little-Marenin, Irene Moore, Ronald L. Nichols, Joy S.
Percy, John R. Peterson, Charles J. Phillips, Thomas G.
Phillips, Perry G. Prata, Stephen W. Rybski, Paul Martin
Sullivan, Woodruff T. Thomas, Roger J. Thomas, John H.
Traub, Wesley A. Turnrose, Barry Vanden Bout, Paul A.
Weaver, Wm. Bruce Weiler, Kurt W. Wertz, James R.
50 Years
Altrock, Richard C. Angione, Ronald J. Arnett, David
Baschek, Bodo E. Batten, Alan H. Bender, Peter L.
Bodenheimer, Peter Clark, Barry G. Cohen, Howard L.
Dent, W. A. Dietz, Richard D. Gauss, F. Stephen
Hapke, Bruce W. Hartwick, F. David A. Harvey, J. W.
Heiles, Carl E. Holmberg, E. Kalnajs, Agris J.
Little, Stephen J. Nishimura, Shiro Parthasarathy, R.
Pascu, Dan Peterson, Laurence E. Pierce, David A.
Rickard, James J. Seielstad, George A. Solomon, L. H.
Starrfield, Sumner Terzian, Yervant Williams, John A.
Wolstencroft, Ray Wyckoff, Susan
55 Years
Brandt, John C. Ford, W. Kent Giordmaine, Joseph A.
Harris, D. E. Hodge, Paul Kovalevsky, Jean
Kozai, Yoshihide Mertz, Lawrence Teske, Richard G.
Thompson, A. Richard Upgren, Arthur R. Wallerstein, George