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AAS Code of Ethics Complaint Form

Any AAS member or attendee of an AAS-supported meeting or activity who experiences or witnesses an AAS member or attendee of an AAS-supported meeting or activity potentially violating the AAS Code of Ethics may file a complaint with any Society Officer or the Chair of the Code of Ethics Committee (CoEC). Initial contact with the CoEC Chair is encouraged to clarify whether concerns about a possible ethical violation are covered by the Code. If it appears that a potential complaint may be covered by the Code, the Complainant will be referred to this complaint form for filing.

Anonymous complaints will not be accepted. Witnesses to, as well as victims of, an alleged ethical violation may bring a complaint. AAS representatives involved will keep the information in the completed, formal complaint form and the identities of the Complainant and Respondent confidential during the investigation.

Individuals who make allegations of ethics code breaches in bad faith will be subject to the same types of disciplinary action to which violators of the Code of Ethics are subject.

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