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Astronomy Education Board

History: Established at the 188th Meeting, June 1996 in Madison, Wisconsin by restructuring the educational activities of the AAS particularly by merging the Astronomy Education Advisory Board and the ad hoc Astronomy Education Policy Board. The newly constituted term of the Board began June 1997.

Chair: The Board will be chaired by the Education Officer.

Members: Members will be appointed by Council. Ex-Officio members will include the Director of Education Activities, the Executive Officer, and the President.

There shall be ten voting members of the Astronomy Education Board, nine serving in rotation for terms of three years, dating from the Annual Business meeting following their election, and the tenth being the Education Officer. Each year the Council shall elect new AEB Members as required from a slate proposed by the Nominating Committee in consultation with the Executive Committee and the Education Officer.

Term: Three years, June to June; staggered, from the close of one Annual Members' Meeting to the close of the next Annual Members' Meeting.

Charge: The Astronomy Education Board is charged with oversight of the educational activities of the AAS. The Board will (1) provide advice on educational activities to the Council, the Executive Officer, and the Education and Outreach Coordinator, and periodically will (2) examine the full range of educational activities in which the Society and its members are currently involved; (3) review the context in which investments in science education are being made by Federal and State agencies; (4) recommend optimal mechanisms for developing an effective education strategy for the astronomical community; (5) recommend appropriate roles for the AAS in exercising leadership in education; and (6) suggest and implement education-related AAS activities consistent with the mission, goals, and strategic plan of the Society.

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