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Below are the presentations from recent workshops. The AAS Committee on Employment will hold similar events at future AAS meetings.

Career Workshops

January 2010 – Washington, DC
Includes presentations by:
Beryl Benderly, Science Careers journalist
Rachel Ivie, American Institute of Physics
Jim Ulvestad, NRAO
Steve Beckwith, University of California
January 2008 – Austin, Texas
Includes presentations by:
Travis Metcalfe, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Nancy Evans, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Neal Evans, University of Texas
Jonathan Gardner, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Gary Matthews, ITT
January 2007 – Seattle, Washington
Includes presentations by:
Elizabeth Barton, UC Irvine
Bruce Balick, University of Washington
Ron Polidan, NGST
Barbara Whitney, Space Science Institute
Lisa Storrie-Lombardi, Spitzer Science Center
Grant Hill, Keck Observatory
January 2003 – Seattle, Washington
Dennis Ebbets, Ball Aerospaced & Technologies Corp.

Professional Development Workshops

Grant Writing
January 2004 – Atlanta, Georgia
Daniel Golombek, Space Telescope Science Institute
January 2004 – Atlanta, Georgia
Kirk Borne, George Mason University