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Beyond the Decade: The Future of International Astronomy
A Symposium in Celebration of the International Year of Astronomy

This symposium, which will take place on Friday, October 9, 2009 at the Keck Center of The National Academies in Washington, DC, will explore various dimensions of international astronomy. Three panels will respectively discuss contributions of international astronomy focusing on programs and activities in six countries and regions; three case studies of multi-national cooperation; and implications for the future from a perspective of key disciplines.

Speakers include Michael S. Turner, The University of Chicago; Jian-Sheng Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Krishnaswami Kasturirangan, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore; Martha Haynes, Cornell University; Eugene Levy, Rice University; John C. Mather, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); Bruno Leibundgut, European Southern Observatory; Matt Mountain, Space Telescope Science Institute; Maria Teresa Ruiz, Universidad de Chile; Fred Lo, National Radio Astronomy Observatory;Brian Boyle, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization-Square Kilometre Array (CSIRO SKA); Eileen Friel, Lowell Observatory; and Saul Perlmutter, University of California, Berkeley. John Huchra, Harvard University and Adam Burrows, Princeton University, will moderate the sessions.

The symposium is intended for all interested scientists and decision makers from Federal agencies in Washington, DC, policy makers from Capitol Hill, scientists and students from local universities, members of the media, and members of the public. Admission is free, but space is limited.

Please RSVP for the symposium at this link,, by Friday October 2nd.

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