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Subject: Astrophysical Journal Office Moving

16 May 2007

J. Craig Wheeler, President

Dear Colleagues:

I have more news amidst the overall changes in our journal publications.

This summer, the editorial office of the Astrophysical Journal will be relocating to McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The reason for this move is the recent appointment of the Editor-in-Chief, Ethan Vishniac, to a position as full professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at McMaster. Janice Sexton, who anchored both the Tucson office and the office at Johns Hopkins, will move with him.

The Journal and the AAS are committed to working with McMaster to ensure a smooth transition over the summer. Updated contact information will be posted on the website as soon as it is available.

Because the ApJ is already produced in a distributed manner, we do not anticipate any substantial problems with the editorial process during this move, nor will it impact article submissions, the production of the Astrophysical Journal, or the transition to the publication of our journals by IOP Press.

I congratulate Ethan on his new appointment and look forward to his continued leadership of the Astrophysical Journal.


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