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Informational Email #2009-17

17 September 2009


This will be a short Bulletin to report to you that Astro2010 is on track. The Committee, its nine panels and six study groups have all been hard at work over the summer. The science frontiers panel reports and infrastructure study group reports are in an advanced stage of development and will provide the factual bases for the recommendations that the survey shall make concerning the "State of the Profession" and the science opportunities of the next decade. The survey's recommended program will derive from the scientific priorities as well as identified professional, educational, and national needs.

The Survey Committee will hold its fourth meeting in early October when it will hear from the agencies sponsoring the Survey, the AAS and the APS, and representatives of the ground-based astronomy community. An agenda for the open session for this meeting will be made available on the committee's web pages. []

As I mentioned in my last bulletin, the deliberations of the panels and the survey committee remain confidential under the usual operational procedures of the NRC. With that in mind it seems unlikely further community bulletins will be necessary until the survey reports are published -- scheduled for next summer. Once again, I must ask for your forbearance to be patient and respect this process. While I am sure many of us serving on various committees would like to tell you more about what is going on behind the scenes, the NRC process precludes us from doing so. The value of this confidentiality is well proven and so if you have questions please direct them to the NRC staff at astro2010 at

As I review the many reports and internal documents that have been written over the summer, a clear conclusion is that the responses to our requests for information, the reports of the town halls, and all the white papers and position papers have provided an invaluable community input to the survey. Thank you one more time for all the time and thought you put into creating these documents.


Roger Blandford


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