Contents of AAS Newsletter insert on Electronic Publishing

In October 1992, the American Astronomical Society published a review of its philosphies and plans regarding electronic publishing. A series of articles were published as a supplement to the AAS Newsletter #62. These articles are reproduced in this directory in pure text form. With the exceptions of the introduction and opening editorial, the articles appear in files named after the first author. The titles and authors of the pieces are given below; the filenames in which the articles are shown on the left.



abt1 Astrophysical Journal Plans for Electronic Publication Helmut A. Abt, Managing Editor, The Astrophysical Journal

abt2 Proposed CD-Rom Series Helmut A. Abt, Managing Editor, Astrophysical Journal

biemesderfer AASTeX: The Foundation of Electronic Submission Chris Biemesderfer

boyce1 The AAS Three-Year Plan for Electronic Publishing Peter B. Boyce, Heather Dalterio and Chris Biemesderfer

boyce2 Current Electronic Services Available to AAS Members Peter B. Boyce and Heather Dalterio

dalgarno Electronic Publishing at Astrophysical Journal Letters A. Dalgarno, Letters Editor, and E. Avrett, Deputy Letters Editor

dalterio Electronic Publishing in the Real World: The AAS and Its Outreach Efforts Heather Dalterio and Peter B. Boyce

hanisch Services Available on the Network Robert J. Hanisch, STScI; Chair, AAS Working Group on Astronomical Software

hodge Electronic Astronomical Journal Paul Hodge, Editor, The Astronomical Journal

owens Standards for Electronic Publishing: SGML and ANSI Z39.59 Evan Owens, Journals Division, The University of Chicago Press

pilachowski Mark-Up or Typeset - the Springer-Verlag Dilemma Catherine Pilachowski, NOAO; Chair, AAS Publications Board

vansteenberg STELAR: An Experiment in the Electronic Distribution of Astronomical Literature M. E. Van Steenberg, et al.

warnock On-line WAIS Search Capability Brings Astronomy To The Internet A. Warnock, et al.

wolff Vision Committee Statement Sidney Wolff, NOAO; President, AAS